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Paralyzed California Man Recounts His Walk Via Computer


For paraplegic Adam Fritz, the thrill of the computer-assisted first steps he took five years after being paralyzed in a motorcycle crash came only after he was unhooked from the system that enabled him to walk briefly in a bioengineering lab. During the experiment itself, Fritz recounted, he had to keep his mind focused entirely on placing one foot in front of the other as his brain waves were translated by a computer algorithm into impulses that bypassed his severed spinal cord and activated his legs. He told Reuters shortly after scientists from the University of California, Irvine, reported the feat in the British open-access Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation"If you break your concentration, it wouldn't work anymore." The 28-year-old religious studies graduate said, "Once I finished, I had that 'Oh my God, this thing worked,' kind of a moment. It was very exhilarating."

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