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We are so excited to have the gorgeous Niomi Smart back on Wild Dish! Today's recipe is a delicious Chocolate Chia Pudding from her brand new book 'Eat Smart'Make sure you’re subscribed to keep updated with new recipes: http://bit.ly/SubWildDishEat Smart - Macaroni & 'Cheese' : http://bit.ly/2cDVy5PINGREDIENTS:2 TBSP CHIA SEEDS1 RIPE BANANA, PEELED3 MEDJOOL DATES, PITTED½ RIPE ACOVADO, PEELED AND STONED2 TBSP RAW CACAO POWDER125ML (1/2 CUP) UNSWEETENED ALMOND MILKMETHOD1. SOAK THE CHIA SEEDS WITH 6 TABLESPOONS WATER IN A BOWL AND REFRIDGERATE FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES.2. PUT ALL INGREDIENTS APAPRT FROM THE SOAKED CHIA SEEDS INTO A BLENDERAND WHIZZ UNTIL SMOOTH AND THE DTES HAVE BROKEN UP.3. STIR IN THE SOAKED CHIA SEEDS AND POUR THE MIXTURE INTO TWO BOWLS OR GLASSES. TOP WITH YOUR CHOICE OF TOPPINGS AND TUCK IN.Follow us:Facebook: http://bit.ly/WDFbookTwitter: http://bit.ly/WDtwitterInstagram: http://bit.ly/WDinstagramEndemol and its producers are not responsible for the outcome of any recipe you try from this video and do not provide any assurances nor accept any responsibility or liability with regard to their originality quality or safety. If you try this at home, there may be different results depending on ingredients, cooking temperatures, typos, errors, omissions, or individual cooking ability. Be careful when cooking with raw ingredients such as eggs, chicken or fish and seek expert advice if you are unsure. Always take care when using sharp knives or other cooking implements and make sure you don’t burn yourself or others while cooking. You should be fully aware of and accurately advise others of the presence of substances which might provoke an adverse reaction in some consumers. If you are under 16 please seek permission from a parent or guardian before attempting this recipe at home.

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