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    On Wednesday's Today Show, new host Megyn Kelly got taken to task for the second time this week, this time by Jane Fonda. After a question about the quote-unquote "work" Fonda has had done on her body she snapped at the former Fox News host, “We really wanna talk about this right now?” Fonda appeared on the show alongside Robert Redford to promote their new Netflix movie, “Our Souls At Night.” Kelly tried to course-correct, saying, “Well, one of the things people think about when they look at you, is how amazing you look.” But the Oscar-winning star offered only a curt reply. “Thanks,” Fonda said. “Good attitude. Good posture. Take care of myself.”

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    Here's my updated shower routine featuring the essential products Ive been using for years! Have you ever tried the 1 Song Shower Challenge?SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL:⇢ http://www.Youtube.com/user/SunKissAlbaWATCH MY PREVIOUS VIDEOS:•Organic is too Expensive?? Save Money, Shop Healthy⇢ https://youtu.be/Mrl1jh7aGaE• Morning & Night Routine + Skin Care⇢ https://youtu.be/IoM4Ni14KRI_______________________________↓⇣ KEEP UP WITH ME ⇣↓⇢ www.Twitter.com/SunKissAlba⇢ www.Instagram.com/SunKissAlba⇢ SnapChat: SunKissAlbaxo⇢ www.SunKissAlbaBlog.com⇢ www.SunKissAlba.tumblr.com⇢ www.Facebook.com/SunKissA____________________________↓⇣ PRODUCTS ⇣↓Dr Bronners Hemp Rose Liquid SoapEco Tools body scrubberShea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus ConditionerSonic Clear Face brush 15%OFF Link⇢ http://mtto.tv/kwDr. Bronners Lavender Shave GelShea Moisture Superfruit Complex Body ScrubBraggs Apple Cider VinegarRMS Beauty OilNutiva Organic Coconut Oil_____________________________Michael Todd True Organics15%OFF Link⇢ http://mtto.tv/kw{ SIGMA MAKEUP BRUSHES }Click here: http://sigma-beauty.7eer.net/c/103407/146780/283510% OFF Use Code: "AlbaSigma" at check out___________________________

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    After a few weeks of reported health scares and canceled concerts, Cardi B has announced that she's done with plastic surgery. "I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again," she wrote on Twitter. Apparently, exercise has helped her migraines, as well as her body. Cardi has always been vocal about her experiences with plastic surgery, including when she spoke about getting illegal butt injections in a basement in Queens before she was famous. In mid-May, the rapper told the audience at Beale Street Music Festival that "moving too much is gonna fuck up [my] lipo."

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