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Hey Sunshines! I haven't done a fitness related video since forever and for the past 4 months Ive been a little unhappy about my physical appearance because I've actually gained a bit of weight -_- and been feeling less "Physically Fit" so this is the perfect time to get back to my fitness mentality and make it a lifestyle in combination with my healthy eating habits! *THUMBS UP* for more fitness videos!Big Thanks to Verizon for the "Fitbit Charge Wireless Wristband"⇢ http://vz.to/1GAP4Ar____________________________↓ WATCH MY PREVIOUS VIDEOS↓WakeUP with MakeUP (5min Routine)⇢ https://youtu.be/G-ShaQAg_88Beauty Cabinet Reboot⇢ https://youtu.be/Ozy6MrqHxjo____________________________ G I V E A W A Y↓⇣↓ Fitbit Charge Wristband ↓⇣↓1 winner will win a Fitbit Charge wristband + a BPA free water bottle! I will choose the winner from the comments on this video on May 15th 2015 and I will announce the winner on my social media accounts (@SunKissAlba) and link the winner's social media account in the announcement post.ENTRY RULES + INSTRUCTIONS:1) SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL:⇢ http://www.Youtube.com/user/SunKissAlba2) Leave a comment on this video and tell me your own fitness struggle or how you've maintained fit and healthy. (include your twitter or Instagram name at the end of your comment so I can contact you)__________________________⇣ FOLLOW ME ⇣⇢ www.Twitter.com/SunKissAlba⇢ www.Instagram.com/SunKissAlba⇢ SnapChat: SunKissAlbaXO⇢ www.SunKissAlbaBlog.com⇢ www.SunKissAlba.tumblr.com⇢ www.Facebook.com/SunKissA___________________________⇣FILMING & EDITING⇣Filmed by | Alba GarciaCamera | Panasonic Lumix GH4 (4K) qualityEditing by | Alba GarciaEditor | Final Cut Pro___________________________BUSINESS INQUIRES:⇢ AlbaGarcia2288@gmail.com__________________________Thank You for your support and love!❤︎ Alba Garcia | SunKissAlbaDISCLAIMER:This video is sponsored by Verizon Wireless but the Giveaway is conducted by SunKissAlba NOT Verizon Wireless. This video was done in sponsorship and partnership with Verizon Wireless in agreement to chose an item I personally like, use and believe my viewers are interested in. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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    In this video I am showing you one day's worth of food. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Drinks! This is an example of my choices in food for this particular day but keep in mind the portions are not mentioned in this video. On this day I consumed a large amount of liquids that fill me up enough. I also ate a full plate of broccoli but only featured half a plate for the appearance of the video. I felt full and satisfied with these foods and I always chose what to eat based on what I have available at home or at the moment. This is not what I eat daily. I do not count calories no do I follow any rules. Sometimes I eat less or more depending on my days activity and what I feel like eating that day. I do not follow any diet nor am I trying to lose or gain weight. I simply eat what I feel I need. Click the Like button if you want me to do more videos like this one and see another example of my choices in food! ♡•• SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ••⇢ http://www.YouTube.com/SunKissAlba___________________________•• PREVIOUS VIDEO LINKS ••My Official Go-To Makeup for events⇢ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vToSZc0hAPIOur Healthy Eating Basics (Vegetarian VS Carnivore)⇢ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV9Vne4K2G4___________________________♥ FOLLOW ME ♥⇢ www.Twitter.com/SunKissAlba⇢ www.Instagram.com/SunKissAlba⇢ www.SunKissAlbaBlog.com⇢ www.SunKissAlba.tumblr.com⇢ www.Facebook.com/SunKissA___________________________•••• F.A.Q's ••••DAILY SUPPLEMENTS:Spirulina ( more protein than meat )ChlorellaB12Cod liver oil with evening primrose oilFROM: Mercola.com and NaturalNews.com{ WATER }Berkey Filter:filters out lead, cadmium, arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride!Molecule Store is a water filtration store in New York CityMolecule Store Info:259 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009(646) 371-9025www.themoleculeproject.comWATER BOTTLES: LifeFactory | Available at: WholeFoods{ ORGANIC FOOD }Clean and untouched by toxic man made chemicals. Organic food provides a safer, longer lifestyles to prevent and avoid any future health complications.{ COCONUT OIL } buy only organic, un-refined & cold pressedAnti- Viral, Anti-Bacterial properties. Multi-use oil for health and body. Coconut Oil provides "Good Fat" that reduces belly fat, boosting our brain function. Its the best oil for cookies because it withstands high heat without the loss of nutrients and without turning the oil into "Bad Fat".____________________________•••• MUSIC ••••Background Music: Youtube Creator PlaylistEnding Song: MelancholyTunesVindata Ft. Kenzie May - All I really Need____________________________M Y M A R K K I T B O U T I Q U E⇢ http://mymarkk.it/skacSUNKISSALBA COLLECTION____________________________•••• CAMERA & FILM INFO ••••Camera Base | Canon T3iCamera Lens | 50mm - 1.8Editing: Final Cut Pro___________________________BUSINESS INQUIRES:⇢ AlbaGarcia2288@gmail.comThank You all for your continuous support!❤Alba

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    ♥♥ All Info is HERE ♥♥" NO STRUGGLE NO PROGRESS "Ahhhhh My First Workout Video!!! 0_O Take a Good Look cuz the next time I show you my Body it will be Bangin! lol J/k..So Whos Going to IMATS ?!?!? (Check IMATS info Below) :)_____________________________________________________________________♥ SUBSCRIBE : http://Youtube.com/SunKissAlba♥ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/SunKissAlba♥ INSTAGRAM : @SunKissAlbahttp://www.Instagram.com/SunKissAlba♥ FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/SunKissA♥ BLOG ♥ Site : http://SunKissAlbaBlog.com♥ Pinterest : http://www.Pinterest.com/SunkissAlba♥ Camera used : Canon EOS REBEL T3i♥ Editor : iMovie____________________________________________________________________♥ IMATS INFO :http://www.imats.net/los/los_index.php-I'lll be at IMATS in LA Saturday & Sunday (January 19 & 20 )So If you see me PLEASE say Hi, Hello, Show me some LOVE !!!!_____________________________________________________________________♥ WORKOUT ROUTINE INFO & ORDER :This Workout took me about 15 minutes total (I think)Try it Out & Tell me your time :)♥ CHIA SEEDS : I Purchase Chia Seeds at Whole Foods or Fairway or Farmers Market.I Love it in Coconut milk and Almond Milk.it has NO TASTE.Let it sit after stirring for about 4 mins Before drinking.Benefits of Chia Seeds http://www.mychiaseeds.com/Articles/Top10ChiaBenefits.html_______________________________________________________________________::: STEPS :::Begin by StretchingExercises: ( 2 sets ) every workout- NO BREAKS- From 1 exercise to the Next (order below)1. Jog in Place - 60 seconds (Timer)2. Russian Twist - 25 (Counts)*** Repeat before Next 2 sets ***3. Knee Ups - 30 - 40 (Counts)4. Plank - 30 seconds (Timer)*** Repeat before next 2 sets ***5. Jumping Jacks - 30 (Counts)6. Bicycles - 25 - 30 (Counts)*** Last Repeat ***♥ Now you're DONE!! Start " Stretching "- Drink 8oz of Water- Get Clean- Start your day♥ AB ROLLER is available at : Modells $10. to $20. or Walmart or Amazon.com________________________________________________________________________♥ What I typically eat for Breakfast on a good day..."I am Vegetarian btw" Ive been Vegetarian since summer 2012 :)Kashi Island Vanilla Cereal with Almond Milk or Coconut MilkOatmeal with Walnuts or Crushed AlmondsBanana, Dairy Free Yogurt, Apples, Hand full of Almonds, Granola Bars (organic) etc...or I Juice veggies and Fruits like: Carrot, Apple,LUNCH:use my Breville JuicerSalad with avocado, Broccoli, cranberries, cucumber, grape tomatoes (Pita chips)Dinner: ( Not everyday obviously )Brown Rice, Rice Pillaf, Steamed Broccoli, Peas, Spinach Garlic Pasta, Artichoke whatever... anything thats not Meat.As I think of more foods I will update it here in this Description Box :)

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    Getting ready to enjoy summer with my GLOW GETTER box curated by me, thanks to Eco Tools. Everything you need to fulfill your summer goals is right here in this box⇢ http://bit.ly/2KRYX1i☟ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ☟⇢ http://www.Youtube.com/user/SunKissAlba☟ WATCH THESE VIDEOS NEXT☟Everyday Natural Beauty Routine⇢ https://youtu.be/sivlGzpNfGoBedroom/Nursery Tour⇢ https://youtu.be/I25eDuAIXvEWhat we eat / Food Haul⇢ https://youtu.be/-zhVekQ5Ol8PRODUCTS FEATURED:⇢ Eco Tools "Glow Getter" Box: http://bit.ly/2KRYX1iCoola spf 30 dawn patrol primerhttp://bit.ly/2KAGSYHeco tools blender spongehttps://go.magik.ly/ml/dggf/Herbivore rose hibiscus face misthttp://bit.ly/2tZlNgeKjaer Weis Foundation (transparent)https://go.magik.ly/ml/dggh/Alima Pure Concealer (spice)https://go.magik.ly/ml/dggm/Jane Iredale finishing powderhttp://bit.ly/2NhVzOUAntonym Cosmetics Baked Foundation (dark)http://bit.ly/2tNTrXdVapour Organic Beauty Multi-use Stain (Enchant)https://go.magik.ly/ml/dggt/100% Pure Long Last Brows (soft brown)https://go.magik.ly/ml/dggx/Alima Pure Eyeshadow (terracotta)https://go.magik.ly/ml/dgh2/Alima Pure Eyeshadow (lame)https://go.magik.ly/ml/dgh2/100% Pure Lumizer (rose Gold)https://go.magik.ly/ml/dggv/Antonym Organic Mascarahttp://bit.ly/2MJNO31Jane Iredale Lip Crayon (luscious)https://go.magik.ly/ml/dgh3/** I receive a percentage of the revenue from SOME of the purchases made through affiliate links (asterisk) shown in the products list above.☟ FOLLOW ME ☟• WEBSITE:http://www.SunKissAlba.org• INSTAGRAM: @SunKissAlbahttp://bit.ly/2thHeKk• TWITTER: @SunKissAlbahttp://bit.ly/2arMhhe• FACEBOOK: @SunKissAlbahttp://bit.ly/2xennxM• PINTEREST: @SunKissAlbahttp://bit.ly/2lYo4F3_________________________________For Business Inquires,My Manager⇢ Alba.Ramos@gleamfutures.com------------------------------------------------------PO BOX MAIL⇣Alba GarciaPO Box 658Nanuet, NY 10954_________________________________ CAMERA:Panasonic Lumix GH4 4k Mirrorless Camera⇢ https://go.magik.ly/ml/e7hq/ MUSIC:Turn It Up (COE Remix) - Johan GlössnerMeteor Bursts - Tomas SkyldebergLicensed by: Epidemic SoundFTC Disclosure:This video is sponsored by Eco Tools in agreement to feature products I genuinely like and use. All products featured are from a brands I've commonly featured in my content for many years without a sponsorship. As always all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

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