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The 5 activities that can help the development of your child


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    Even though we're in a new year, our daily routine and its accompanying COVID-19 restrictions may seem repetitive. If we're not careful, monotony can lead to depression and all its unpleasant knock-on effects. But according to HuffPost, psychologists say there are ways to deal with boredom. First, plan fun things you can do, even if you're in lockdown, like reading books or painting a wall. Second, write down something you noticed that's blessedly different, like a growing flower, or melting snow. Finally, if you are grieving, acknowledge it. Reach out for the support you need, and don't give up.

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    Financial planners do know quite a bit about money, generally speaking. But even they get surprised sometimes by unexpected costs. And according to Business Insider, financial planners say first-time parenthood is a minefield for such unexpected financial demands. To begin with, just giving birth is an expensive practice. For a woman with insurance, the average birth costs $10,808 without any complications. Once baby arrives, your food bill will go up. A lot. Formula is expensive, especially if baby has special dietary needs. Kiddie meals at restaurants aren't that cheap, either. And teen boys are walking refrigerator-inhalers! And public school isn't really free. School supplies, books, uniforms, sports equipment--the list is endless. Keeping kids engaged and learning after school isn't free, either. Lessons, scouting, clubs, summer camps, family vacations all cost a very pretty penny! Finally, medical care and daycare costs for children can drive parents to distraction. You've been warned!

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  • Is Your Child Regressing? Here's When To Worry, And When To Let It Go

    When children are struggling, they often regress. That means they revert to a level of behavior appropriate for a younger child. For example, a school-age child might start having toddler-esque tantrums again. Or a tween who becomes suddenly clingy. According to HuffPost, psychologists say regression is an entirely normal reaction to the constantly changing conditions brought about by the pandemic. Generally, it's nothing to worry about. However, if the behavior is interfering with the child's ability to function, then parents should get involved. For example, if a child who used to be able to feed themselves now needs to be spoon-fed, and every meal is turning into a battle, that’s different. Have a pediatrician rule out any medical conditions. After that, reach out to your child's school to meet with its educational psychologist or counselor.

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