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Nicaragua hosts massive wedding for hundreds of couples


Managua, Feb 14 (EFE).- Around 400 couples took part Thursday in Nicaragua in an annual free mass wedding, which has been carried out for 17 years, to legalize their bonds of matrimony. Couples, family members and witnesses gathered in the early hours in a restaurant in Managua to jointly celebrate the massive ceremony of multple weddings. (Camera: RENÉE LUCÍA RAMOS)FOOTAGE SHOWS COUPLES GETTING MARRIED AND TAKING PART IN THE FREE MASS CELEBRATION IN MANAGUA, NICARAGUA.SOUNDBITES: CRISTHIAN MEDINA, ORGANIZER OF THE EVENT (IN SPANISH) (00:0:26,22 - 00:00:55,14) "More than 400 people are marrying with La Nueva Radio Ya today, minutes are signed, we count with five judges and a public lawyer thanks to the support of the Supreme Court of Justice and the mayor of Managua. Tomorrow the call is from 3 in the afternoon on the Paseo de Xolotlán. Both witnesses and couples with attend the swearing-in act. Today, there were more than 1600 people countring both couples and witnesses, so we are very happy to celebrate Valentine's Day slightly in advance".

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