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Lombardy to fine people in the street without masks


Milan (Italy), Apr 6, EFE, (Camera: Marco Todarello).- The Italian region of Lombardy (north), the most affected by the coronavirus, which in Italy has already caused at least 15,000 deaths, will fine from this week onwards at least 400 euros to all citizens who go out on the street without masks or, failing that, with scarves covering their mouths and noses.FOOTAGE OF MILAN CITY AND SOUNDBITES FROM LOCALS IN THE STREETS.TRANSLATIONS:1- "It would be interesting if there were enough for everyone, but this way I don't understand how they can think of distributing them to everyone. Fontana was talking about 300,000 masks. But how do they distribute them? Who organizes the distribution? So I think it's a bit confusing. It's important to have them, I think, but you have to understand. There are people without. Maybe they haven't managed to find them, or they don't have any money.2- "Before, I was stopped by the carabinieri because I didn't have one. I went out after the Region's announcement that they were available. Let's see if the supermarket already has them".3- "Civil Protection in Rome has said that masks are not very useful so it is not understood if it is a really useful measure or not. (...) I'm going to look for it now. Because they have indeed said that they should be. I hope to find it."4- "Like everything else, this is not clear either. Like many other things, not like everything. In fact this morning they said it. They shouldn't be saying this. Because if it doesn't leave us a little... boh, we do or we don't. I saw this morning also without. They shouldn't say this."5- "This is, unfortunately, a drama. It's hard to find them and especially, it's not just that it's hard, it's that I've been to a pharmacy and they've said that there are waiting lists for the masks. The ugly thing is people make them more expensive and there are people who cannot afford them".6- "There are no masks and they have to be invented. They brought them to me, but they are missing. (...) Yes, a friend brought it to me, she managed to find it on the Internet. Not the others, she doesn't have any, my mother, my son...".

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