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Farmers rejoice strawberry boom as harvest season begins in Indian Kashmir


Srinagar, May 13 (EFE/EPA).- Farmers began picking strawberries on Wednesday as harvest season started in Indian Kashmir. The cool and dry climate of Indian Kashmir is suitable for strawberries, which require moderate rainfall and bright sunshine. Strawberry is the first fruit that grows after the six months of harsh winters and is supplied to various parts of north India including Delhi. Agriculture and horticulture are the main income source of the region and the farmers in Srinagar are cultivating as many as 11 imported varieties of the fruit. The farmers said there was good yield of strawberry crop this year, but due to the closure of markets owing to Covid-19 lockdown, they are scared might incur losses as they would not be able to transport the crop to outside Valley in view of coronavirus restrictions. (Camera: FARROQ KHAN). SHOT LIST: A STRAWBERRY FIELD ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF SRINAGAR THE SUMMER CAPITAL OF INDIAN KASHMIR.

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