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Rudy Giuliani Releases Bizarre, Desk-Pounding Rant Video On YouTube


Every week, Rudy Giuliani posts a video to YouTube as part of his series, 'Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense.' There, the former New York City mayor and personal lawyer to President Donald Trump discusses political issues. Business Insider reports Friday's episode was a strange, 17-minute affair in which Giuliani pounded his desk making unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud. Citing no evidence, Giuliani called mail-in ballots 'unconstitutional' and a strategy for Democrats to hold back votes until they are needed in tight races. He also raged against Fox News for calling Arizona for Joe Biden. Thursday, pro-Trump protesters, some armed, tried to enter an Arizona polling station where votes were being counted in Maricopa County. Giuliani interrupted his own diatribe with two commercial breaks. In the second one, he smokes and promotes a 'real cigar' company with his discount code.

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