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Douyin: a Chinese version of TikTok with more than 500 million users


Beijing/Shanghai, Sep 2 (EFE/EPA).- Before TikTok - the application United States President Donald Trump wants to veto in his country - was a global phenomenon, it was already popular in China by its original name, Douyin, with more than 500 million users.Like TikTok, the Chinese platform allows you to create and upload short 15-second videos by adding music and endless details but, unlike its international version, Douyin is much more advanced in the integration of electronic commerce. (Camera: ROMAN PILIPEY/ALEXANDER PLAVEVSKI/JAVIER GARCÍA).SHOT LIST: DOUYIN AND TIKTOK USERS IN BEIJING AND SHANGHAI, CHINA. SOUND BITES: YUAN MING, A 37-YEAR-OLD ADVERTISING AGENT; ZU TIEIXONG, AN ACTOR AND USER WHO HAS 4 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON THE CHINESE PLATFORM; YOU BI, PRODUCER AND ACTRESS; AND FANG ZHENJIE, INFLUENCER. (IN CHINESE).TRANSLATION: YUAN MING - Banning is not a good thing. TikTok and Douyin are fun, they are not political. In Douyin you can see many different personalities, and none are related to politics. People like it because it is short and fun. (02:12-02:22).ZU TIEIXONG - Douyin is very interesting. At the beginning, it was only for young people. But since a few years ago, it has become very popular for everyone. It is very diverse. (02:22-02:44).YOU BI - The US is afraid of Chinese culture spreading in the country and of its influence. Chinese students are everywhere. In Southeast Asia they have many things in common and they accept it but the US has afraid of losing their own culture. (02:44-03:16). FANG ZHENJIE - In China we have a saying: we must concentrate on one thing, what we do, if you do many things at the same time it is not professional. It is like a factory. (05:01-05:14).

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