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Venezuelans fleeing the crisis have to deal with altitude, cold weather and xenophobia in Bolivia


La Paz (Bolivia), Sep 23 (EFE).- Helen's family travelled a distance of more than 2,500 kilometres to arrive in Bolivia from Venezuela. Now they have to deal not only with the altitude and cold weather of La Paz but also with xenophobia. FOOTAGE OF VENEZUELAN MIGRANTS LIVING IN LA PAZ. SOUNDBITES OF:-HELEN:"My mum, my brother and my children. We are here fighting every day. There are good people and also bad people who say awful things to us. They say 'go back to your country', 'what are you doing here?'. If we are here it is not because we want it or we are happy here but because we have the need forces us. Many people said awful things to us, but some very nice people, who support us, help us. If someone asks if I want to wash, I'll wash. If someone asks if I want to cook, I'll cook. If I have to sell sweets, I'll sell them. We live like this."-ANA LLANCO, MEMBER OF MUNASIM KULLAKITA FOUNDATION:"We aim to help these children and families to become asylum seekers after an initial assessment since each family has a different story. In that context, some people become asylum seekers. So we help them, since they are in a vulnerable situation, to go to the appropriate authorities to have that provisional document so they have a regular situation in Bolivia and access to rights.""In this space, there are 30 families living and out of those 30 we focus our work in women, children and teenagers. In our mobile classrooms, there are have 20 children and 7 teenagers."

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