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Apple May Be Working On Search Alternative For Google


Added on the 28/10/2020 08:21:55 - Copyright : Wochit

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    Business Insider reports that Apple is creating its own search engine. Apple's move is in response to the Department of Justice anti-trust investigation into Google. The Financial Times says that Apple now shows its own results through a search box on iPhone home screens. It's available through Apple's update to iOS 14. Google has been the iPhone's default search engine for more than 10 years. But Apple's partnership with Google is under threat from the DOJ's Anti-Trust investigation.

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    The Underdogs are back, navigating their new normal with lots of unknowns but one reliable constant: Apple helps unleash their creativity and productivity even when they’re working from home. It’s still a world of deadlines, meetings, group chats, conference calls, coworkers, and bosses. But it’s also a world of kids, a dog, and a hairless cat. And it’s a world where collaboration never misses a beat, whether the team uses iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, or all of the above. Working from home (or working from anywhere) isn’t new, but what you can make happen together is. This is Apple at Work (from Home) Learn more here: http://apple.com/business/work-anywhere

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