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Mexican playwright David Gaitán: Social inequalities have risen to the surface due to the pandemic


Merida (Spain), Jul 22 (EFE), (Camera: Jero Morales).- Mexican actor and playwright David Gaitán talked about civil rights and the pandemic in an interview with Efe ahead the presentation of its work Antígona, which will open the Mérida International Theater Festival in Spain.SOUNDBITES OF STAGE DIRECTOR DAVID GAITÁN:"The pandemic has brought issues regarding social inequality to the surface: the possibility (or not) of staying home as people have been asked. So for those who live day to day... this is a brutal message, because now, apart from every day's scarcity, they have become the 'villains' of the story since they don't stay at home. And the got a very difficult message from authorities: 'If you don't stay home, you are putting people's health and also yours at risk."

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