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Berlin street guide welcomes names reminiscent of colonial Germany


Berlin, June 15 (EFE / EPA) .- "Nachtigal", "Luederitz" or "Peters" are names reminiscent of colonial Germany which today houses the Berlin street guide of which some have been crossed out with red ink in reference to the anti-racism protests that have erupted in the world after the murder of African-American George Floyd in the United States.(Camera: CELEMENS BILAN)FOOTAGE SHOWS B-ROLL OF THE STREETS THAT HAVE REFERENCES TO GUSTAV NACHTIGAL (AFRICAN EXPLORER), ADOLF LUEDERITZ (BUSINESSMAN) AND CARL PETERS (COLONIZER) IN THE BERLIN DISTRICT OF WEDDING.ATTENTION, PETERS' STREET WAS RECLASSIFIED IN 1986 TO HONOR HANS PETERS, A CITY COUNCILOR OF BERLIN.

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