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Next generation Volvo cars to be powered by Luminar LiDAR technology for safe self-driving


Volvo Cars, a global leader in automotive safety, is setting new safety and technology standards by partnering with tech firm Luminar to provide their industry-leading LiDAR and perception technology for Volvo’s next generation cars.

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    Volvo Cars and Luminar, a leading start-up in the development of core sensing technology for autonomous vehicles, are demonstrating the most advanced LiDAR sensor and perception capabilities to date at this year’s Automobility LA trade show in Los Angeles. The ongoing development of LiDAR technology, which uses pulsed laser signals to detect objects, is a crucial element in creating safe autonomous cars. It allows autonomous cars to navigate safely in complex traffic environments and at higher speeds by providing these cars with reliable long-range perception capabilities. Technology such as LiDAR can help Volvo Cars to make its vision for autonomous travel, as showcased in the Volvo 360c concept earlier this year, a reality. The development of advanced LiDAR technology and perception capabilities is one of many ways in which Volvo Cars and its partners work towards a safe introduction of fully autonomous cars. The new perception capabilities being developed by Luminar in partnership with Volvo Cars make it possible for the system to detect human poses, including individual limbs such as arms and legs – a level of detail not previously possible with this type of sensor. The new technology is also able to detect objects at a range of up to 250 meters, a much farther range than any LiDAR technology currently available.

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    In a challenge to conventional tyre setups, Volvo Cars will equip its fully electric cars with Recharge tyres for use all year round as standard in Northern and Central Europe. With a single set of tyres capable of safely handling a wider range of weather and road conditions than summer or winter tyres, Volvo Cars aims to simplify customers’ lives by avoiding the bi-annual hassle of tyre changes, while also reducing CO2 emissions. The Recharge tyres are the first tyres for year-round use to achieve A-class energy efficiency. This innovation is in line with the company’s aspiration to lead the industry in offering more sustainable products. Driving a pure electric Volvo XC40 on Recharge tyres can reduce energy consumption by up to 8 per cent and extend the average driving range, compared with driving on winter tyres.

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