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Russian Defence Ministry showcases latest military technology


Russia’s Ministry of Defence released footage showcasing its latest military equipment and weapons. The weapons were first announced during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly on 1 March.

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  • Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Lets Russian Troops Trade Tanks for Tech

    Virtual reality is becoming the hot new technology trend. VR allows users to enter a new world by putting on a helmet and headphones. It's rapid development and many potential applications has caused the Russian military to take notice and start a VR soldier training program of its own. The Russian Defence Ministry tested new virtual reality combat simulators in Ryazan on Wednesday, designed to prepare the Russian Armed Forces for modern warfare and to train their skills on heavy military vehicles and weapons without actually having to use them. Soldiers participanting in the simulation were equipped with a set of nine sensors, a data transmission system, a virtual reality helmet and high-tech simulator rifles. The simulation takes soldiers through an urban battlefield and puts them in many different challenging and unusual situations. This simulation is only the beginning, they will only become more realistic from here on out. What do you think about training soldiers with virtual reality?

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  • Quadcopter Controlled by Eyes Tested for Use in Hostage Situations

    Russian scientists teamed up with Special Forces in Voronezh on Tuesday to test a special quadcopter which they claim is controlled entirely by one's eye movements. At the heart of the technology is an augmented reality helmet that displays video both from the drone and from a camera mounted at the front of the helmet, allowing the user to see ahead while controlling the drone. Special sensors inside the helmet track eye movements and convert those movements into commands for the drone.

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  • Record-Breaking 'Twilight' Sniper Rifle Hits Target 2.6 Miles Away

    Russian arms manufacturer Lobaev demonstrated its record-breaking ultra long-range SVLK-14 'Sumrak' bolt action sniper rifle, in the Russian town of Tarussa. Earlier in October, Russian marksman Andrei Ryabinski reportedly set a new world record after hitting a 1-metre square target placed at 13,812 feet away, or 2.6 miles with the Sumrak, which means 'Twilight' in Russian.

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  • Kalashnikov Unveils REX-1 Anti-Drone Gun at 'Army 2017' Expo

    Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov demonstrated its REX-1 anti-drone gun at the International Military-Technical Forum 'Army 2017' expo, at Patriot Park in Moscow on Wednesday. Rex-1 is a non-lethal device that works by severing the connection between a quadcopter and its controller, as well as jamming satellite positioning systems, GSM and Wi-Fi signals.

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  • Skynet? Kalashnikov Unveils AI Gun Turret That Uses Algorithms to Identify Targets

    Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov unveiled a gun turret that uses a machine learning algorithm to identify potential targets. The “Kornet” a remotely-operated combat module was unveiled at the ARMY-2017 International Military-Technical Forum at Moscow's Patriot Park on Monday. The machine features a large caliber barrel wrapped in a sheet of armor and mounted with a complex array of cameras and sensors which constantly analyze image data in order to identify and track potential targets.

    24/08/2017 - RT Ruptly EN

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