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Mars Closest To Earth In 15 Years


Added on the 27/07/2018 11:53:37 - Copyright : Wochit

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  • Mars Is Going To Be So Close To Earth!

    According to a report by Business Insider, Mars will appear brighter in the night sky over the next six weeks that it has in the past 15 years, as the Earth passes between Mars and the sun. The red planet will reportedly be at its closest point to Earth since 2003, building up until July 31st, when Mars will be its brightest and closest at 35.8 million miles away.

    22/06/2018 - Wochit
  • Mars Will Be Close To Earth For The Next Few Weeks

    Business Insider reports that Mars will look brighter in the night sky over the next six weeks than it has appeared in 15 years. That's because the red planet will be at its closest point to Earth since 2003 throughout June and July. This as our planet passes between Mars and the sun. According to The Weather Channel, on July 31 Mars will be at its brightest. The planet will be 35.8 million miles away from Earth. Mars will be easily visible to the naked eye throughout July.

    24/07/2018 - Wochit
  • NASA's Mars Opportunity over as the rover dies after 15 years

    Space technology

    15/02/2019 - Euronews EN
  • Is It Time To Bid Farewell To The Mars Opportunity Rover?

    It might be time to bid farewell to the Opportunity mars rover. The rover's team made their last attempt to contact Opportunity last night, and the call went unanswered.The last time Opportunity made contact with NASA engineers was June 10. Since then engineers have sent more than 835 recovery commands that remain unanswered. Opportunity and its twin Spirit launched in 2003 and landed on Mars in 2004.

    13/02/2019 - Wochit
  • The Sun Will Become Crystalized In 10 Billion Years

    Researchers at the University of Warwick say in a new study that stars eventually solidify into giant crystals. According to mnn.com, the team says this process will happen to the Earth’s sun in about 10 billion years. Decades ago it was predicted that white dwarf stars transition into crystals. The British university says the sun will become a white dwarf once it runs out of nuclear fuel. Researchers say their direct evidence is from studying 15,000 other white dwarf stars.

    18/01/2019 - Wochit
  • New Evidence That Photosynthesis May Have Existed More Than 2.15 Billion Years Ago

    From deep in the gold mines of South Africa’s Orange Free State has come evidence that there was some form of biologic activity on Earth at least 2.15 billion years ago. Polymerized hydrocarbon “chemo-fossils” found in the gold ores … [probably] were originally part of a rich bacterial and algal life in the Witwatersrand basin. Since the rock layers from which they come have been dated to about 2.15 billion years ago, it seems likely that photosynthesis existed on Earth before then.

    02/03/2017 - Wochit

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