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    For years, President Donald Trump was a Fox News superfan, routinely phoning in to give impromptu interviews and receive gushing praise. But now, Business Insider reports Trump is waging war against the network. What's more, he's encouraging his supporters to migrate over to more MAGA-friendly channels like Newsmax and One America News Network. As it increasingly challenges Trump's baseless election fraud claims, Fox News is under a siege of its own making. With its recognition of Joe Biden as President-elect, Fox News' favorability ratings among Republicans fell by 13% following the election.

    26/11/2020 - Wochit
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    Florida (USA), Oct 23 (EFE / EPA) .- (CAMERA: Cristobal Herrera) Supporters of the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, attend a rally with the "Make America Great Again" slogan at the Villages Polo Club in Villages, Florida.

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    Paktia / Nangarhar, Jul 29 (EFE/EPA).- When Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani appointed Zuhra Ahmadzai as the first female deputy governor of Paktia two years ago, she not only carried the responsibility of the insecure province on her shoulders but also dreams of other women in a country that has lived under the shadow of a decades-long war.There were only a few women who worked as government employees in the province when the 67-year-old took charge in a high-ranking government position.Two years later, the number of women working in the government sector has increased significantly. There are women doctors, teachers, and female employees holding offices in other public sectors. (CAMERA: AHMADULLAH AHMADI / GHULAMULLAH HABIBI)FOOTAGE SHOWS B-ROLL OF GOVERNOR OF PAKTIA ZOHRA AHMADZY HABIBA KAKAR (00:00:00-00:03:46) AND B-ROLL OF DEPUTY GOVERNOR OF NANGARHAR PROVINCE (00:04:26-00:05:19), IN AFGHANISTAN. SOUNDBITES IN PASHTO: GOVERNOR OF PAKTIA ZOHRA AHMADZY HABIBA KAKAR (00:01:38-00:02:52) All I can tell you is that when I started my work here, three things were very important. education was what we needed most, economics was what made economic problems worse, the third problem was our health, so I decided that Work has started on the themes, there is a need for women in the provinces because half of our population is safe, so they can't be safe in the traditional society. Women can.t shear there problems & more related issues with men. More importantly, the provinces should come to the aid and meet the standards, to build trust, to lead soundly, when they build credibility, people allow their daughters to tell their wives to tell their deputies their problems, to follow. Have done and resolved the same within the framework of the law.DEPUTY GOVERNOR OF NANGARHAR PROVINCE HABIBA KAKAR (00:04:26-00:05:19) There are no restrictions in constitution or Islam, all the rights of females are mentioned there but practically that is not implementing. Everything is cleary there but due to the cultural issues women face problem to get their rights but the ongoing security situation, there are obstacles for Afghan women, some of them have been removed and rest will be removed as the society progress. Most of the Afghan women fear that if Taliban formed the government, will they be cornered and Taliban may not give them their full rights. But I don’t think so, if Taliban are joining with afghan government there will be an agreement between two parties and all things will be clearly mentioned. Women’s have rights like males; females have right of education, health, advisory and duties.

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    Mariah Carey vowed to make sure "every Christmas is great" for her children, after growing up in a "very dysfunctional family" herself.

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