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Hong Kong marks anniversary of return to Chinese rule


Hong Kong

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  • Protests mark 16th anniversary of Chinese rule in HKG

    Around 40 people from pro- and anti-Beijing groups in Hong Kong face off outside the People's Liberation Army (PLA) headquarters, exchanging insults, as the city marks the 16th anniversary of return to Chinese rule. Duration: 00:53

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  • Macau to celebrate anniversary of Chinese rule as Hong Kong seethes

    The former Portuguese colony of Macau will this week celebrate 20 years since its return to China, with Beijing's leaders praising a pliant city that has grown rich on gambling and deference to authoritarian rule. The jubilation will be in stark contrast to neighbouring Hong Kong, the only other region run under the "one country, two systems" model.

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  • Rare Chinese white dolphins return to Hong Kong as COVID-19 halts ferry travel

    Hong Kong, Oct 3 (EFE/EPA).- Rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, also known as Chinese white dolphins or pink dolphins, are making a comeback in the waters of Hong Kong after ferry traffic has been halted due to border restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the World Wide Fund, (WWF), the population of Chinese white dolphins inhabiting the Pearl River Delta, including Hong Kong, is estimated to number around 2,500 individuals. In Hong Kong they face an increasing number of threats including habitat loss and degradation, prey depletion, underwater noise disturbance, vessel traffic as well as toxins and pollutants. As ferry traffic between Hong Kong and Macau has been temporarily suspended due to travelling restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, some dolphins have returned to their old feeding areas. Cetacean experts from the Pearl River proposed an emergency plan to give the dolphin population a chance to stabilise and recover that includes a protection of core areas critical for feeding, mating and socialising among other measures. (Camera: JEROME FAVRE). SHOT LIST: A TOUR TO OBSERVE CHINESE WHITE DOLPHIN (SOUSA CHINENSIS) NEAR LANTAU ISLAND IN HONG KONG AND CHINESE WHITE DOLPHINS SWIM IN WATERS OF THE PEARL RIVER DELTA, HONG KONG.

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  • Hong Kong deploys 6,000 officers to counter rallies, China marks 71st founding anniversary

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  • Morning protest as Hong Kong marks China anniversary

    Four Hong Kong pro-democracy activists march towards the venue of an official ceremony to celebrate China's National Day, chanting slogans such as "End one party rule" while surrounded by some 40 police officers.

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