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Parking by yourself is so yesterday – this is the promise of a joint pilot project of Mercedes-Benz and Bosch in Stuttgart. In close cooperation with one another, the two companies have developed an innovative parking service: the so-called "Automated Valet Parking". And this is how the automated parking service works: Having arrived at a parking garage, you leave your vehicle in a "Drop-off Area". One click in a corresponding smartphone app and the car moves off without any further human intervention into the parking garage and maneuvers into a free space. And it's exactly the same the other way around. Shortly before you want to leave, you order the vehicle via the app. Detected by the intelligent system of the parking garage, the car starts and drives autonomously to a "Pick-up Area". Simply get in and drive off – even parking the car in narrow parking garages in particular loses its fear factor.

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    Automated parking to drive down the airport stress: Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and the parking garage operator Apcoa want to introduce driverless and fully automated parking at Stuttgart airport in the future. To this end, the automated valet parking (AVP) system co-developed by Bosch and Mercedes-Benz is to be made ready for commercial operation. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is already geared up to accommodate it as the world’s first production vehicle to feature the technology required for future infrastructure-based AVP. As an option, customers can buy the appropriate pre-installation for what the company calls the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, which makes the S-Class capable of receiving a smartphone command to drive itself to a reserved parking space. “With the new S-Class, it’s not just driving that’s a luxury, but parking as well,” says Dr. Michael Hafner, head of automated driving at Mercedes-Benz AG. The P6 parking garage at Stuttgart airport will serve as the pilot for the planned commercial automated parking service. Here, the companies will test how the vehicle technology onboard the S-Class interacts with the intelligent Bosch infrastructure and APCOA FLOW, the digital platform provided by the parking garage operator Apcoa. This platform makes the whole parking process ticketless and cashless. “Apcoa, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and Stuttgart airport want to work together to make parking fully automatic,” says Christoph Hartung, member of the executive management of Connected Mobility Solutions at Bosch. In the airport parking garage, preparations are currently underway to begin piloting the planned automated valet parking service. The aim of this trial with new S-Class vehicles at Stuttgart airport is to ensure that interactions between the vehicle, infrastructure technology, and parking garage operator run smoothly and are optimized for the customer.

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    Certain variants of the S-Class and, in the future, of the EQS and the EQE are the first production vehicles to offer pre-installation for the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT in Germany with the corresponding special equipment. INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT will enable automated valet parking in multi-storey car parks in the future. For this, the multi-storey car parks must be equipped with the appropriate infrastructure from Bosch. The system then makes it possible to drive fully automatically to a reserved parking space and leave it again - without anyone being in the vehicle. Mercedes-Benz RDNA, in cooperation with Bosch Automated Valet Parking, recently presented an EQS 580 as a demo vehicle at an event in downtown Los Angeles. Demonstrating the effectiveness, convenience and practicality of this sophisticated, industry-leading new technology. Mercedes-Benz is checking whether the pre-installation will be offered in the USA in the future by continuously monitoring the market.

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    Bosch and Daimler have reached a milestone on the way to automated driving: the two companies have now obtained approval from the relevant authorities in Baden-Württemberg for their automated parking system in the Mercedes-Benz Museum parking garage in Stuttgart. The automated valet parking service is accessed via a smartphone app and requires no safety driver. This makes it the world’s first fully automated driverless SAE Level 4¹ parking function to be officially approved for everyday use.

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    At the International Motor Show (IAA) Mobility 2021, which will take place from September 7 to 12 in Munich, the BMW Group will be showcasing in a variety of ways what premium urban mobility could look like in the future. One example of this is the Automated Valet Parking project, which was developed together with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and other partners. For the first time, interested parties will have the opportunity to experience automated and driverless parking and service functions up close in a unique demonstration.The focus of the impressive demonstration is the new technology flagship of the BMW Group, the BMW iX. As an innovator in the development fields of software, digital services and networking, the fully electric SUV is able to communicate with the infrastructure and to carry out automated, driverless parking processes. Particular attention is paid to the safety of the driving maneuvers and the data exchange required for this between the vehicle, smartphone app and parking garage infrastructure. In doing so, the BMW Group is underlining that safety always has the highest priority. In addition to the complete parking process, viewers experience other automated service functions such as washing or charging the BMW iX with the help of robots.

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    A new definition of luxury meets the future of production at Mercedes-Benz: production of the EQS electric saloon started at Factory 56 in the Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen plant - flexible, digital, efficient and sustainable. The EQS is integrated into ongoing series production at the site as the first all-electric model. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class saloon, the long-wheelbase version and the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class are already rolling off the production line at Factory 56.EQS production in Factory 56 exemplifies sustainable and CO2-neutral vehicle manufacturing at Mercedes-Benz. Numerous measures that enhance environmental protection and resource conservation characterise the factory: as just one example, photovoltaic systems on the roof of the hall cover yearly around 30 per cent of the electricity demand. Due to maximum flexibility, the assembly of different models and drive types on one line is possible. The processes and equipment in the production hall of Factory 56 can therefore be precisely adapted to the requirements of the EQS electric model.

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  • The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Intelligent Drive - Parking Package with 360° - Camera

    As standard, the S-Class is equipped with Active Parking Assist with a reversing camera, and on request this can be combined with a 360° camera. In the S-Class, all the information from all sensors and cameras is fusioned. This enables more parking spaces to be recognised and offered. Parking spaces defined by lines (not by vehicles) can also be used for automated parking for the first time.

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