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'Westworld' Season Two Finale: Know Before You View


'Westworld's' second season comes to an end Sunday, and many fans are having trouble keeping track of what's been happening all season long. So The Hollywood Reporter prepared a rundown of where each character is in their journey, just before the season finale. Dolores is now all on her own, leading a revolution of one into 'The Valley Beyond." The Man In Black, played by Ed Harris, is looking for 'The Door." And Bernard is looking for 'The Forge.' Funnily enough, all those places are actually the same place! As for Mariposa brothel madam Maeve? She's just looking to do some serious and permanent damage to the high brass of the park itself. As for the theory-minded fans pf Westworld, they're preparing their popcorn for the extended episode, and are readying themselves to embark on the long journey into night known as the offseason.

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    **Westworld** concluded its second season on Sunday. TheWrap reports the episode earned 1.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen. Another 600,000 viewers watched the episode on HBO Go and Now streams. That number is down 24 percent from the season 2 premiere this spring. HBO is expecting a Season 2 average of around 10 million viewers.

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