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Ozzy Osbourne Still Shocked Over David Bowie's Passing


Ozzy Osbourne is still making sense of David Bowie's death. The singer told Rolling Stone this week, "I had no idea that he was so ill." Although the Black Sabbath singer didn't know Bowie very well, the fact that his death came weeks after his good friend Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead shook him. Osbourne added in the Rolling Stone interview, "Everybody's dying around me, but I'm at that age. People start to fall off, not one every nine months, one every day, a week. It's happening so frequent now." Osbourne then continued by saying, "He was such a talented guy, man. When you go from Ziggy Stardust to his tours, and he's a fashion guy, he was always trying to beat himself and he pulled it off time and time again."

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