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With Touch ID on iPhone 6s, your fingerprint does way more than just unlock your phone. http://apple.co/1SzfkfM.

Added on the 25/04/2016 20:00:14 - Copyright : Apple

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    The latest iOS update is now available. Dubbed 9.3, the software update extends the reach of 3D touch while shifting the phone's display settings depending on the time of day. The idea is that shifting the color temperature of the screen after sunset is better for a user's circadian rhythm resulting in better sleep. The 3D update will unlock the iPhone 6S with touch navigation like never before, you can even use the Touch ID fingerprint reader to lock access to certain apps. Apple's latest update to the iOS platform will also including additions to the CarPlay system including location-based recommendations.

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  • This iOS 11 Feature Swiftly Disables Touch ID On The iPhone

    iOS 11 public beta has been available since June, but there are still surprise features cropping up, including a newly spotted one that temporarily disables Touch ID. Unearthed by a Twitter user and confirmed by The Verge, the feature is activated when you rapidly press the power button five times. As a refresher, Touch ID works by scanning your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone or iPad. It's a quick way to access your device without typing in your personalized pin. However, there are times you may want to quickly and discretely disable Touch ID, and current methods take time. The most straightforward way up until this discovery was to turn off Touch ID in Settings, which requires multiple steps and looking at your device. Pertinent to all this is that Apple is expected to introduce facial recognition in the iPhone 8. So-called Face ID may replace or be in addition to Touch ID, so having a way to rapidly disable these unlocking measures with a few subtle taps could be a welcome security feature.

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  • Apple Announces Swap Program to Fix 6S Battery Issue

    Rest easy, iPhone 6S owners. If your device is randomly shutting down and the only fix is a new battery, Apple’s coming to the rescue. They’ll replace it for you at no cost. According to the CCA, “the number of people who’ve reported this problem is rather many.”

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  • Murder Victim's Phone Unlocked Using 3D Printed Fingerprint Replica

    Professor Anil Jain from Michigan State University, who at the end of July with a group of his students successfully unlocked a phone using 3D printed fingerprints, explained the breakthrough technique behind the invention to the press at his laboratory on Tuesday.

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