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Obama Drinks Flint Water to Show Residents It's Safe


President Barack Obama sipped filtered water in Flint, Michigan, on Wednesday, May 4th, and assured parents that anyone older than six could do the same during a visit to a city still reeling from a scandal over lead-tainted drinking water. Obama made the trip to the mostly African American community to reassure residents that the water was safe even as he predicted it would take more than two years to replace the city’s aging pipes, which leached lead into the drinking water.

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  • President Obama Visits Flint, Drinks The Water

    On Wednesday, President Obama made a long-awaited trip to Flint, Michigan, hoping to bring unity to a disaster over lead-contaminated water that has left residents infuriated with local, state and federal leaders. The president also drank the filtered water to show it is now safe to drink. After he was Inspired to visit by a letter from an 8-year-old Flint girl, President Obama told a large audience that he came to hear their concerns about a water-contamination crisis.

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  • Flint Residents Ask Federal Judge to Order Bottled Water Delivery

    A coalition of Flint residents have asked a federal judge to order city and state officials to ensure access to safe drinking water. Along with national advocacy groups, the legal retort is in response to a continuing lead-contamination crisis that began in 2014. An attorney involved with the coalition added that after two years, Flint residents still cannot turn on their water taps without worrying about lead exposure. The residents and advocacy groups sued the city and state in January, alleging violations of the federal Safe Water Drinking Act and seeking court intervention.

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    Lead levels in tap water in Flint, Michigan, are no longer dangerous if the water is filtered, officials said Thursday. The announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came after months of warnings that pregnant women and children under the age of 6 should stick to bottled water. Dangerously high levels of lead have been present in the city’s water since 2014, and after community outrage over inaction, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency in January. With official recognition of the crisis, residents began receiving bottled water and free filters. But lead levels in some areas were so high, it was unclear if the filters had the power to render the water safe to drink. More than 50,000 filters have been provided to residents since January, according to the EPA. Over the last two months, officials have been testing lead levels in water from across the city to determine how well the filters are working

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  • President Obama Visits Flint and Drinks Their Water

    Four months after he declared a state of emergency in Flint over its toxic water crisis, Barack Obama’s first visit to the Michigan city. The president’s address to a restive crowd he called “feisty” included an obligatory sip of Flint water. “This isn’t a stunt,” Obama insisted, while stressing that people could drink the water, if it is properly filtered.But rather than focus on the practicalities of rebuilding Flint’s water infrastructure two years after a fateful decision was made to switch the supply to the Flint river, without treating it for lead, Obama railed against the “corrosive attitude” that government should remove itself from people’s lives. “This myth that government is always the enemy; that forgets that our government is us. It’s us, that it’s an extension of us, ourselves,”

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    Obama tells Flint residents he "will not rest" until the city's water supply is safe, and calls the lead-poisoning crisis a "man-made disaster" that was avoidable. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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