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How Many Glasses of Water Do You Need a Day?


Ever feel like you are literally wilting when the weather's hot? We droop like a houseplant that needs to be watered. When the plant gets a good long drink it bounces back to life and the same goes for humans who are properly hydrated.Signs of dehydration include thirst, of course. But other symptoms are more subtle and can fool you into thinking you need sleep or an attitude adjustment. You might get a headache. You can become cranky, forgetful, tired, dizzy or light-headed; your skin can appear dry and wrinkly. This is not exactly the formula for summer fun!Remember the old adage to drink eight glasses of water a day? Well, back in 2004 the Institute of Medicine issued new general fluid recommendations indicating women should drink 11 cups per day and men 15 cups. Before you hit the water trough, note that these amounts include the water in all food and beverages we consume. Iced tea, fruit juice and even hot coffee and soups all count as hydrators.It turns out that 80 percent of our water intake is from drinking water and other beverages, and the other 20 percent is from food. Watermelon, a summertime favorite, is made up of more than 90 percent water. The same goes for high water content foods such as lettuce, broccoli and citrus fruit. So all of those healthy summer salads help you stay hydrated, too.Whether you need 8 glasses of water--or 15--a day is highly dependent on you. Studies haven't been able to fix the exact amount a person needs to be healthy. (Find out if water can help you lose weight.) It all depends on your individual needs, your activity level and your diet.The most important sign you're not getting enough? Thirst. If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Drink up. Sports fitness experts say it's best to drink small amounts at a time throughout the day instead of downing an entire bottle of water at once; the body is better able to absorb the fluids in smaller batches.Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks and sweetened ice tea. They may contain water but it comes with a hefty calorie price tag. Count 150 calories for a 12-ounce soft drink. If you want the bubbles, choose zero-calorie flavored sparkling waters instead.Also avoid caffeinated drinks and beverages with alcohol; both can increase dehydration.

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