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How To Use Apple's New 'Night Shift' Feature In iOS 9.3


Apple just released its biggest software update since iOS 9.0 rolled out last year. With it, Apple is making the highly anticipated Night Shift feature, which reduced the amount of blue light emitted by your display, available to everyone. Night Shift changes the color temperature of your display when it's dark outside. The later and darker it gets, the warmer the temperature. You can find the settings for Night Shift in the main settings app by heading to Settings —> Display & Brightness —> Night Shift. From there, you can control when you want the feature to kick in. You can also manually adjust the display's color temperature with a slider.

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  • New iOS Features Makes Night Viewing Easier

    The next update for iOS will feature a mode that shifts the colors emitted by your iPhone and iPad displays. Based on the time of day, the upcoming "Night Shift" will help users see information on their screens with more ease in darkness. According to Apple, the feature will use your current location and the associated time to shift the colors on the display to the warmer end of the spectrum when the sun begins to set. Studies have shown that using smartphones, tablets and other devices with lit screens before bed can interfere with sleep, but changing the color tone of your display from a harsh, blue-tinged light to a warmer color can, at least, make nighttime browsing significantly easier on the eyes. The update for iOS 9.3 is expected to release in the coming weeks.

    12/01/2016 - Wochit
  • Apple Updates iOS to 9.3

    Apple rolled out an update to iOS on Monday. In beta since January, iOS 9.3 will add a few new features to the iPhone and iPad product lines. The most obvious is the addition of Night Shift, which changes the display settings on a device automatically depending on the time of day. Other major features include 3D Touch navigation for supported devices, encrypted iCloud backups, password protection for the Notes app, and support updates for CarPlay and Apple Music.

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  • Apple releases iOS 9.3.1

    Apple released iOS 9.3.1 on Thursday with a fix for a bug that was causing iPhones to freeze when users clicked on links within apps. Users started reporting their iPhones were locking up when clicking on links within Safari, Chrome and Twitter almost immediately after Apple released iOS 9.3 a week ago. No other changes are in the update.

    31/03/2016 - Wochit
  • Apple iOS 9.3 Has Some Issues

    Apple's community support forums are filling with with posts related to the recent iOS update. Users of iOS 9.3 have reported clicking links can cause the phone to lock-up in any app. Some suggestions for tackling that technical issue include disabling JavaScript in the app settings or holding down links instead of tapping them. Apple is aware of these issues according to one user who posted a screenshot of a Live Chat support session. However, the company has not stated when a fix will arrive.

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  • Apple Rolls Back iOS 9.3 Update for Older Devices

    User error has led Apple to rollback a software update for older devices. However, the error is rooted in memory, at least the forgetful memory of some users. According to an Apple spokesperson, the latest iOS update 9.3 will not update for older devices right now, including the iPhone 5. Instead, those with an aged Apple device will have to wait for a quite fix to the update process.

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