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What is going on with people getting sick at Chipotle?


Just when things looked like they were getting better for the Chipotle restaurant chain, a Boston-area location has had to shut down after a worker tested positive for norovirus. Another Boston-area Chipotle was shut down in November after dozens of Boston College students became ill from a similar virus at the Cleveland Circle location. In February, the chain instituted a nationwide one-day shutdown of its locations in a PR move that was also meant to address a series of health issues at its stores that left hundreds sick and hammered the restaurant chain's credibility for high-quality food. In the fourth of quarter of 2015, dozens of people were sickened by E. coli after eating at Chipotle locations across nine states, predominantly in the Pacific Northwest. The outbreak prompted a public apology from the restaurant chain's CEO. The incidents affected the chain's bottom line: Chipotle's fourth-quarter revenue in 2015 was down 30% compared to the same period a year earlier — particularly bad for a company that had been growing rapidly.

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    Health officials in Ohio say they have found the source of the foodborne illness outbreak that sickened at least 648 people who ate at a local Chipotle restaurant. Stool samples taken from customers who got sick after eating at the Powell, Ohio restaurant tested positive for Clostridium perfringens, a foodborne disease that occurs when food is left at unsafe temperatures.

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