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3D Touch Support Will Soon Come to Facebook’s iOS App


When iPhone 6S was launched last year, Apple started taking the smartphone business into a new screen-centric direction and trying to set itself apart from other high-end devices in the market. This is how 3D Touch was introduced to Apple’s flagship product, a feature that causes the phone’s touchscreen to react differently when the user applies pressure on the display. The 3D Touch is aimed at diversifying the way we interact with iPhones. For example, Apple introduced “peek and pop,” a term that describes the options available when the iPhone 6S user hard presses a link in an article. After displaying a preview of the webpage linked, the user can opt to follow the link or close the preview. And speaking of Facebook, the social network told Techcrunch that 3D Touch support will soon come to Facebook’s iOS app – provided you own an iPhone 6S. Users will be able to use the hard press feature to get a “sneak peek” for someone’s profile.

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