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Major Media Sites Ditch Content From Alex Jones, Infowars


According to Reuters - Apple, YouTube, Facebook and Spotify have all taken down podcasts and channels relating to U.S. conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his brand Infowars. In statements Monday, the companies said that the Infowars author had broken community standards. However, the Infowars app is still available on the Apple's app stores and Alphabet’s Google Play.

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    Apple, Facebook and Spotify has ditched content relating to Infowars’ Alex Jones. Sfgate reports that Facebook on Monday removed a number of official InfoWars related pages. Meanwhile, Apple has removed five of six InfoWars podcasts. According to Buzzfeed, Spotify has completely removed the “Alex Jones Show” from its platform.

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  • Vimeo Removes InfoWars Content

    With few places to turn, Alex Jones started publishing videos more frequently at Vimeo last week. But it looks like he’s not wanted there either. Vimeo deleted a number of InfoWars videos over the weekend, citing violations of its terms of service. Alex Jones and his conspiracy theory empire InfoWars have been banned from most of the big social media platforms in recent weeks, including Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and even Pinterest. Twitter is one of the few high-profile social media platforms where Jones and his ilk are still welcome, despite the fact that InfoWars has been in violation of Twitter’s own rules.

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