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There Might Be 3,000 cashier-free Amazon Go stores by 2021


According to Digital Trends , Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos’ growing empire of brick-and-mortar stores might be joined by 3,000 cashier-less Amazon Go Stores by 2021. This move could be a big blow to existing convenience stores like 7-Eleven and quick-service food stores like Subway. Opening 3,000 stores could put Amazon in direct competition with some of the largest store brands in the world. By comparison, Kroger operates about 2,500 stores that generate sales of over $100 billion.

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  • Amazon Scouting Airport Locations For Amazon Go stores

    According to Digital Trends, Amazon’ is planning to expand the number of cashier-free Amazon Go stores available. This expansion may include opening locations at major airports. Representatives from two California airports have reported that Amazon personnel are currently exploring potential interest in Amazon Go stores in their terminals. Patrons at Amazon Go locations scan their smartphones when entering the stores. From there, they find, pick up, and leave the store with their selections and Amazon will bill their credit cards.Bloomberg has reported the retailer could open as many 3,000 Amazon Go stores by 2021.

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  • Amazon Go Sales Expected To Exceed $4 Billion By 2021

    According to Business Insider, sales at Amazon's Go stores could reach $4.5 billion by 2021. Amazon is looking to install 3,000 of the cashier-less stores by that time. As of now, there are only 9 Go stores open in the U.S. So far, the stores are said to be very popular with shoppers.

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  • Amazon Plans For More Cashier-Free Stores

    Digital Trends reports that Amazon wants to add more cashier-free stores into the shopping world. According to The Wall Street Journal, the online retail giant plans to incorporating their "Amazon Go" technology into more larger brick-and-mortar locations. The high-tech store uses multiple sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence to tracks customers, by allowing them to select their items and walk out of the store. The cost of their items is automatically charged to their account. Amazon Go is currently operating at six sites nationally, which function like convenience stores, in small spaces. Reports say that Amazon wants to convert it's newly purchased Whole Foods into a cashier-free grocery store, although Amazon has denied that business move in the past. Amazon Go officially launched in early 2018. There are currently three brick and mortar stores in Seattle, three in Chicago, and one in San Francisco.

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  • Amazon New Version Of ‘Prime’ Beefed Up For Businesses

    Amazon announced new perks for subscribers to its Business Prime offering. Besides unlimited free two-day shipping, Amazon is expanding the perk for same-day and one-day free shipping. According to Business Insider, the faster shipping times are only for orders that total $35 or more. It is also only for businesses located in a select 8,000 cities and towns in the United States.

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  • Walmart May Go Cashier-Free

    Walmart is exploring the idea of stores without staff where you can simply “grab and go,” with computer vision technology monitoring what you place in your bag so it can automatically tot up the amount and take it from your bank account, sources claiming to have knowledge of the matter told Re/code this week. Yes, it does sound very similar to Amazon’s Go store, a concept unveiled about a year ago but which is yet to launch for the public. It’s not clear how similar Walmart’s technology is to Amazon’s, but it nevertheless appears to be creating something along the same lines to offer a speedier and more convenient shopping experience that really doesn’t feel like shopping at all.

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