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Seat - The day the Popemobile was spared


A fire in SEAT’s factory in Barcelona jeopardised the brand’s historic car collection. Swift action taken by SEAT personnel and fire-fighters prevented damage to the vehicles. The collection features gems such as a Popemobile, the second last 600 ever made or the first official rally car driven by Carlos Sainz.With only a few days remaining before the visit by Pope John Paul II to Barcelona and Madrid in 1982, a call came through to SEAT from the Vatican. The vehicle car used by the Pope on his official visits did not fit through the doors of the Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabéu stadiums where the Pope’s main events were being held. So a new model had to be made in a matter of days. The engineers at SEAT rose to the challenge and in record time adapted a Panda, creating a true Popemobile used by John Paul II during his visit to Spain.This historic vehicle, which is housed in Building A122 at the Zona Franca factory along with the rest of the SEAT vintage car collection, nearly fell victim to the fire that broke out in the facilities last 11 February. The entire collection was spared thanks to the swift, decisive action taken by SEAT employees, the Barcelona fire department and other first responders.

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