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Legendary Working On Another Live-Action ‘Pokemon' Movie?


According to comicbook.com, Legendary Entertainment is working on a live-action movie based on the original Pokemon games. The film will be set in the same universe as 'Detective Pikachu' but will focus on 'Pokemon Red & Blue' the first video games that introduced to the world to the genre. With these new rumors, it's clear that Legendary Pictures has high hopes for 'Detective Pikachu' which hits theaters on May 10. Should that film perform well at the box office, Legendary could be looking to start a whole new set of Pokemon-related movies.

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    According to Deadline, Max Landis, the writer of Chronicle and the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot – is being eyed to pen the script for Legendary’s potential upcoming live-action Pokemon flick. Max, who is the son of legendary Hollywood director John Landis, also wrote last year’s American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein, and is currently working on the Will Smith fantasy thriller 'Bright' for Netflix.

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    Filming for the live-action 'Detective Pikachu' movie, which will star Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the famous pokemon, is officially underway. According to Legendary Pictures, principal filming for the movie will take place in London. In addition to Reynolds, actor Justice Smith will play a human who teams up with the Pokemon to solve the disappearance of his father. Actor Ken Watanabe has also been cast to play a human detective along with actress Kathryn Newton who plays a junior reporter.

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    The movie studio Legendary Entertainment is reportedly planning to launch the first live-action Pokemon movie next year. The film, titled "Detective Pikachu," is set to begin production in 2017. Detective Pikachu was introduced in a video game in Japan and will hit the big screen first despite the global phenomenon of Pokemon Go. Universal Pictures will handle distribution of the film outside Japan as it does with Legendary's other films.

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    There are plans for a live action Pokemon movie. The first Pokemon movie, called "Detective Pikachu," opens production in 2017. The character Detective Pikachu was introduced in a video game in Japan and Universal Pictures will handle distribution of the film outside Japan. Pokemon has been very successful especially this month. he game "Pokemon Go" became a global phenomenon when it launched this month which made $14 million .

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