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'Pokemon Go' Hints At Adding Smeargle


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    Comicbook.com reports a new 'Pokemon' anime preview has teased the return of several fan-favorites! The trailer included an upcoming two parter featuring Brock and Misty, who will visit Ash in the Alola region. The trio will visit Akala Island, where Brock will flirt with Kahuna Olivia and Misty will play with the Mudbray. Brock and Misty haven't appeared in the anime for five and ten years, respectively. The new Pokemon arc starts on December 23rd in Japan.

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    Calling all trainers! According to ComicBook.com, a Pokemon Go newsletter is starting to make its rounds to trainers confirming a Halloween event. Screenshots of the newsletter have been posted to Reddit saying; "Breaking news! Breaking news, trainers! Prof. Willow has reported a wave of frights and scares nearby. Could this be the work of a Ghost-type Pokémon? Stay tuned to find out." No official word on when the event is scheduled to begin.

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