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The Difference Between 5G And LTE


Added on the 10/02/2019 10:36:24 - Copyright : Wochit

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  • Verizon's Ultra-Fast 5G Home Internet Service Will Begin Rolling Out October 1st

    Verizon announced Tuesday that it will begin selling the first 5G home internet service. The service rolls out to four cities beginning on October 1st. 5G is the evolution of the wireless 4G LTE technology that most of us use on our smartphones. The major difference with 5G is that it's much faster and can be used outside of mobile uses, such as home internet. In Verizon's case, wireless 5G technology is replacing the typical wired home broadband internet service.

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  • Comparing 5G Connection To LTE

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  • Does AT&T Have 5G?

    AT&T has a controversial marketing tactic to promote its wireless network. Business Insider said the tactic that fooled tech billionaire Marc Benioff into thinking he was connected to a 5G network. AT&T renamed its 4G LTE Advanced Pro network for "5G E," with the "E" standing for evolution. It's not real 5G. 5G promises faster speeds and responsiveness. AT&T has confused people and led some to incorrectly believe they're connected to a 5G network.

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  • AT&T Says 4G LTE Phones Will Soon Run On '5G'

    According to Digital Trends, AT&T says it will rebrand millions of 4G LTE smartphones to make them run on 5G networks. In a statement this week, AT&T said that many technologies linked to the faster 5G networks mobile carriers plan have already been introduced on the company’s existing 4G network.

    22/12/2018 - Wochit

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