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Best Virtual Reality Headsets To Buy Now


If you want to step up your virtual reality game, or even jump into VR for the first time, a new list from Digital Trends may help. They've done the legwork to determine the best VR headsets of 2019. Their list includes: 1. HTC Vive: ($499, Amazon) Best two motion controller headset if you're not looking to break the bank. Digital Trends adds, "It’s specifically built for room-scale experiences and its library of games is massive." 2. Playstation VR ($207, Amazon): Best buy if you already own a PS4 and want to get into VR without purchasing a whole PC for it. 3. Oculus Go ($199, Amazon): Great headset for VR newbies. Digital Trends explains, "Free from smartphone or PC requirements, the Oculus Go is a great, basic VR experience."

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  • The best VR headset you can buy

    Virtual Reality is taking over the tech world especially with the launch of high tech head sets. If you are in the market for a virtual Reality headset, Digital trends.com has looked into the best headsets to purchase. they highly reccomend either the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift VR headsets. Their number one pick is the HTC Vive. The headset costs $600, but it is worth the cost.

    10/11/2017 - Wochit
  • Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance At Tribeca Fest

    The Associated Press has reported that Hillary Clinton walked onstage at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday night. Clinton was an unannounced panelist, there to discuss the scourge of elephant poaching. This was the subject of Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow eight-minute virtual reality short which premiered at the event. The film titled, "The Protectors: Walk in the Rangers' Shoes," is about park rangers trying to save elephants in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Clinton spoke about her work to save elephants from poachers slaughtering them for their ivory tusks, both as secretary of state in the Obama administration, and later with her family foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative. "We've got to bust this market so it can't come back," she said of the illegal ivory market. Before Clinton and the three other panelists were interviewed by Bigelow, the audience donned virtual reality headsets at their seats and experienced — in 360 degrees — what it's like to be one of the 200 rangers fighting well-armed poachers in the park the size of Delaware. The film gives the viewer both the experience of being in the grass and searching for poachers, and up in the air looking down. A wrenching scene shows the rangers arriving at the carcass of a slaughtered elephant. "I realized that there was an intersection between poaching and terrorism, which led me to this project," Bigelow said. The director of "The Hurt Locker" and "Zero Dark Thirty" directed the short along with Imraan Ismail, a virtual-reality veteran, who also was on Saturday's panel. "They're outmanned and outgunned and they're putting themselves in the line of fire," Ismail said of the rangers. Clinton told the audience that she first became focused on what she called "the horrific slaughter of elephants" when she was secretary of state. "It became clear to everyone that this was not just a terrible crisis when it came to the elephant population, it was a trade, a trafficking that was funding a lot of bad folks, a lot of bad actors," she said. "It was being used to take ivory and sell it in order to buy more weapons, and support the kind of terroristic activity that these and other groups were engaged in." Clinton noted that while China was the biggest market for illegal ivory, the United States was the second-biggest. "So China is going to be a key player but we are, too," she said. The former Democratic presidential candidate noted that Saturday was Earth Day, "and we are marching on behalf of science," referring to marches throughout the U.S. on Saturday. "And part of science is understanding the intricate relationships that we share with all those on this planet and particularly large mammals like elephants, who have a role to play both in reality and in our imaginations," she said.

    23/04/2017 - Wochit
  • Netflix May Get Its Own Theaters

    Netflix wants to get into the movie theater business, according to a new report from The Los Angeles Times. Anonymous sources told the paper that the Los Gatos-based entertainment giant pursued a deal to buy the Mark Cuban-owned Landmark Theaters but ultimately backed out due to a high sale price. While it might sound wild that a company that got its start sending DVDs by mail now wants to sell popcorn and movie tickets, the idea actually makes a lot of sense. Look at it this way: Netflix spent over $8 billion producing its own content—movies and TV shows that can only be watched on Netflix—but the fact that there are no theater runs for the feature films disqualifies Netflix from winning major awards like an Oscar. This is a big deal for Netflix, which said it would release 80 movies in 2018 alone, not only because Oscars are prestigious but also because prestige wins new customers. No awards might also discourage talented people from signing up for a Netflix flick, since they could be winning awards with other projects. “We want our films to be on fair ground with every other filmmaker,” Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos recently told Variety. “There’s a risk in us going in this way and having our films and filmmakers treated disrespectfully at the festival.” That’s only part of the equation, though. Netflix is also leaving a lot of money on the table, when its films can’t be shown in theaters. The theater lockout isn’t just because Netflix is Netflix, either. Sarandos and his Netflix buds won’t budge on their idea that movies should be released on streaming services the same day they’re released in theaters. Theaters won’t agree to this, thus no Netflix movies in theaters. If Netflix owned its own theaters, however, the company could do a big theatrical release for those who love the big screen and a streaming release for lazy people who love convenience. But wait, there’s more. Owning and operating movie theaters also means you can sell concessions—in some states, that includes food and alcohol—to movie-goers. Netflix could also woo its subscribers into the seats by offering discounts on tickets and food. That would also become an incentive for more people to pay for Netflix subscriptions. If you’re thinking that no fool would pay money to see a movie they could watch at home through their Netflix subscription, you’re being closed-minded. Sometimes it’s just more fun to go to the theater, and oftentimes, watching movies on the big screen is a far superior experience than watching it on your flatscreen TV. Heck, Netflix could even offer binge-watching sessions and screen its very good shows. Have you ever seen Altered Carbon, a show that is one of the most expensive and visually stunning shows ever? That would look amazing in the theater! No matter what happens, Netflix will be fine. The company pulled in $2.67 billion in revenue last year, including a $66 million profit. Maybe it will spend some of that cash on some brick-and-mortar theaters. Maybe Netflix will just keep making great content and not worry about awards. Or maybe we’ll all be watching movies through virtual reality headsets soon, and nothing will even matter.

    19/04/2018 - Wochit
  • Vr Headset Showdown: Oculus Rift Vs. Hitc Vive

    Two headsets enter, one leaves with our current recommendation. In our original reviews of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, we tried very hard to examine these virtual reality systems on their own merits without constant comparisons to the competition. But no product exists in a vacuum. After years of buildup, we’re now faced with two competitive, PC-tethered VR headsets hitting the market right next to each other. Unless you have a spare $1,400 to spend to buy both headsets (or more if you need to outfit a gaming PC, too), you’ll have to pick one or the other if you want virtual reality in your home as soon as possible.

    11/04/2016 - Wochit
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Now Be Used With Google Daydream

    Samsung and Google have joined forces. Samsung's Galaxy S8 are making the leap into Google's virtual reality world as a Daydream-ready update is rolling out to the phones right now. We've known Daydream support was coming since the Google IO conference in May, and today's update means Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners can now use their phones to power the Google Daydream headset. This expands the phones' VR scope beyond the Samsung Gear VR as well.

    01/08/2017 - Wochit
  • Oculus Deal From Best Buy

    If you're craving the new Oculus Rift Virtual Reality helmet and the motion-tracking Oculus Touch controller now might be your time to grab one. Best Buy has the VR Helmets at 25% off the list price. Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch, which have a list price of $799.98 are now on sale from Best Buy for $599.98. In addition to the helmet, you'll get seven games when you buy the Rift and Touch together.

    07/03/2017 - Wochit
  • New Stand-Alone VR Headsets Reaches Broader Market

    According to a report by Business Insider, the virtual reality market is expected to rally after seeing slow growth from 2016 to 2017, catalyzed by the emergence of stand-alone VR headsets, which addresses some of the biggest drawbacks that have prohibited many consumers from adopting VR. The newer standalone headsets are more affordable than the cost-prohibitive high-end units and features in-unit processing that frees the headset from wires. Business Insider reports that the first major stand-alone headset, the Vive Focus from HTC, was launched in January of this year, and other major manufacturers like Oculus and Google have plans to release their own some time in the next six months.

    29/12/2018 - Wochit

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