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NASA's Mars Opportunity over as the rover dies after 15 years


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  • Is It Time To Bid Farewell To The Mars Opportunity Rover?

    It might be time to bid farewell to the Opportunity mars rover. The rover's team made their last attempt to contact Opportunity last night, and the call went unanswered.The last time Opportunity made contact with NASA engineers was June 10. Since then engineers have sent more than 835 recovery commands that remain unanswered. Opportunity and its twin Spirit launched in 2003 and landed on Mars in 2004.

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  • NASA Says Curiosity Rover Back Up And Running

    According to a report by Digital Trends, NASA has been dealing with a small hiccup in the operations of the Curiosity rover since it went into safe mode last week. The team reportedly managed to resolve the issue and the rover is currently in the process of booting back up. Last Friday, the issue occurred during a boot-up sequence which lead to the systems going into safe mode in order to protect themselves. NASA claims that since the problem was resolved, the rover has managed to boot up over 30 times without any further problems. However, Digital Trends points out that researchers at NASA still don't know exactly what caused the issue and are still collecting data for analysis.

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  • NASA Says Farewell To Mars Opportunity Rover

    According to a report by Reuters, on Wednesday, NASA's rover designed to traverse the surface of Mars stopped communicating with Earth after 15 long years of service. Engineers reportedly lost contact with the solar-powered vehicle, named Opportunity, on June 10 of last year during a massive dust storm that enveloped Mars. Since then, NASA officials have made numerous attempts to reach the six-wheeled rover with no success.

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  • NASA Says Opportunity's Mars Mission Is Over

    According to Gizmodo, NASA declared an end to the Opportunity rover's mission on Mars. The rover operated on the Martian surface for 14 years, which was well beyond its expected lifetime. But a massive dust storm covered the rover, and it's solar panels, almost a year ago. Since the rover obtained energy through its solar panels, dust accumulating on the panel's surface must have obscured them to the point the rover could no longer charge. NASA last heard from Opportunity on June 10th, 2018. Designed to operate for only 90 days, the rover provided NASA with nearly 15 years of opportunity to explore Mars.

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