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Watch: Locals return home to Kerala after severe flooding


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    Baghdad (Iraq), Feb 5 (EFE / EPA), (Camera: Ahmed Jalil).- The plan of Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to return the properties that were seized from the Christians during the most brutal years of sectarian violence in the country has been well received. However, it also raises concerns since it is not a governmental decision and because this community still fears reprisals. Al-Sadr announced at the beginning of the year the formation of a special committee to analyze the cases and return the properties that were confiscated, under the supervision of the Sadrist movement that will punish the ones who were responsible for the seizures even if they do not belong to the political group that laid down their arms. The deadline is until the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr, in mid-May, but it is not clear how it will be done. FOOTAGE OF HAMMURABI'S HEADQUARTERS IN BAGHDAD. SOUNDBITES OF PASCAL WARDA, PRESIDENT OF THE HAMMURABI ORGANIZATION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS:-" I heard a few days ago that Mr. Muqtada Al-Sadr wanted to set up a committee, it is a good and lofty initiative. But I was hoping that this commission and this initiative would be by the government so that the government would take responsibility for it because when there's no security and there's no protection for citizens' property, is there anyone on this land who would leave thousands of dunums or hundreds of meters or houses and gets out that easily to sits on the streets looking for bread?Of course not. (They did it) because they left looking for safety in his life and their children's lives and because they were threatened even while they were inside their homes. And this is what they found at the Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights. I saw not one incident but several (incidents) about which Christian people came and complained. I asked one of the governors, who kicked out two brothers from a Christian house when he was working for a government agency after they seized it and he said it was his house.The governor was a sophisticated person and acted as a government and authority and kicked out these two brothers.""Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr's initiative lacks a legal framework. Yes, it is a good initiative, but the government must embrace it. The initiative must also be followed by legislation, laws that control this phenomenon. Yes, Mr. Muqtada Al-Sadr is right when he launched this initiative, but the State is the primary official and trustee of citizens' rights. Therefore a legal framework must be placed for this initiative. That is why Mr. Muqtada is right when he formed this committee and it is true that he is part of the state, but these ideas must be framed in a legal framework and Mr. Muqtada's initiative has alerted the authorities to their duties and I see it as an initiative for the defence of human rights."Our statistics change year after year, when we review our reports. We have full reports and others that are not ready yet. We have hundreds of archives from Baghdad, Mosul and other cities. These documents must be analyzed and complaints must be filed to be sent to the judiciary."

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    Jusque-là, seules les discothèques et les épiceries de nuit devaient proposer des éthylotests à leurs clients. Cette obligation va bientôt s'étendre à tous les magasins qui vendent de l'alcool. Mais Julien Chivé, caviste bordelais, n'est pas vraiment convaincu. "Je trouve que ça ne sert pas à grand-chose. Les gens savent bien qu'après deux verres, il faut s'arrêter si on veut reprendre la voiture. Et les clients rencontrés ce jeudi matin ne voient pas non plus l'intérêt d'en acheter. "Ca me semble absurde", lance l'un d'eux. "De toute façon, après deux verres, on sera positif, donc c'est à chacun de se gérer", explique un autre.Dans l'épicerie de Virgine Matheron, à Talence (Gironde), il est difficile de trouver une place pour les éthylotests. La gérante doit enlever des produits et envisage surtout des coûts supplémentaires. En effet, dans le supermarché Carrefour City, qui en commercialise depuis un an, ces produits ne sont pas très populaires. "On en a vendu trois en un an", confie le gérant. Près de 50 000 commerçants devraient proposer des éthylotests à partir du 1er juillet, sous peine d'une amende de 675 euros.

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