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Internal Facebook Emails Leaked By UK Parliamentary Committee


A UK parliamentary committee released hundreds of pages of internal Facebook emails the company fought to keep secret. The documents include some emails sent by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, says CNN. The 250 pages of documents stems from a lawsuit brought against Facebook by a small app company called Six4Three. The UK parliamentary committee requested the documents as part of a larger investigation into Facebook.

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    According to Gizmodo, The British Parliament has seized internal Facebook documents in “an extraordinary attempt to hold the U.S. social media giant to account” after repeated attempts to have the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify about its data privacy practices. Culture, media and sport select committee chair Damian Collins has invoked a “rare parliamentary mechanism” to order Ted Kramer, the founder of a U.S. software company suing Facebook named Six4Three’s, to hand over the documents.

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