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Winter Style Trend: Wearing As Many Coats As Possible


When it comes to fashion styling this winter, layering coats is in vogue. The trend was seen on Balenciaga’s FW18 collection, when hoodies, windbreakers, anoraks and parkas, were carried by runway models. Refinery29 encourages fashionistas to take advantage of the trend by piling on textures that showcase your style in a chic way. Their tips for successfully navigating the layering coat trend includes: 1. Mix coat lengths: Pair cropped leather jackets with a longer wool coat, anchored by a dry cotton base underneath. 2. Double up: Wear two coats of the same length. Refinery29 explains, "Stay in the same color family, but mix up the prints to ensure that everyone knows that you’re wearing two distinct coats." 3. Layer fabrics that look alike. This includes puffer and comforter-like quilted coats

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