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NASA's InSight Lander Takes Its First Selfie From The Surface of Mars


It took NASA’s lander InSight six months to touched down on Mars, but November 26th it was successful Ever since, it’s been capturing photos and sounds on Mars. The Huffington Post say spacecraft used a camera on its robotic arm to create a mosaic made up of 11 images. NASA published the photos on their website.

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  • NASA's InSight Takes A Selfie On Mars

    According to Business Insider, "NASA's InSight lander has taken its first selfie on Mars. The selfie, released on Tuesday..., is made up of 11 images that were stitched together. The resulting photo shows InSight's solar panels and deck, along with the scientific instruments on top of the deck, and the lander's weather sensor." November 26th, marks the day that InSight land on Mars.

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    NASA’s InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) probe successfully completed its soft landing on Mars on Monday after a six-month, 300 million mile journey. And it’s already sending back photos of the desolate Red Planet from its landing site on the Elysium Planitia, courtesy of a post on the lander’s official Twitter feed reading, “There’s a quiet beauty here. Looking forward to exploring my new home.

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    Acccording to Mother Nature Network, for the first time ever, humans have detected a likely seismic event on Mars. The faint seismic signal was measured and recorded by NASA's InSight lander on April 6. It's the first recorded trembling that apparently originated inside the planet, NASA explained in a statement, as opposed to being caused by forces above the surface, like wind. Scientists are still studying the data to figure out the exact cause of the signal.

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    According to a report by Digital Trends, the Mars InSight lander ran into trouble this week with its mission to drill down into the surface to measure heat from inside the planet. The lander's probe, part of the Heat and Physical Properties Package, was supposed to dig up to 16 feet down into the surface so it could collect accurate data on temperatures.

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    According to Gizmodo, NASA’s Insight lander hit a snag during its first dig on the Martian surface. The drill on the Insight lander is an electrically powered hammer that drives itself deeper into the ground with each pulse. Although the drill works, it ran into a large subterranean rock. The drill is part of the lander's Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package, which will measure the internal temperature of Mars. But the drill needs to bury a 5-meter cable outfitted with sensors into the surface for the experiment to work, and its only gone 50-centimeters.

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