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Google Will Be Shutting Down It's Messaging App, Allo, Permanently


Added on the 17/12/2018 11:35:51 - Copyright : Wochit

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  • Google Introduces New Video-chat Features

    Google wants to change how you make calls. According to CNET, Google wants you to use its video app Duo for calls -- with or without the video. the search giant recently announced that its video-calling app for Android and iOS will now support audio-only calls. Google also announced an update to its Android messaging app Allo enabling file sharing in chats. The company's Photo app will get updates as well that will let you backup and share images when you have a weak signal. The new features are rolling out in Brazil and worldwide in the coming days.

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  • What Google Wave Tried To Do--And Abjectly Failed At

    Ten years ago,Google introduced a tool that was meant to transform the communications space. Company brass introduced what it called a “magical” new web app that combined email, messaging, and other features like social media and event-planning into a single funky, do-it-all tool called Wave. According to Gizmodo, Wave was extraordinarily ambitious in its quest to do nearly everything, including reimagining the limits and functionality of email. But in spite of itself, and primarily because its tools were exceptionally confusing, Wave wasn’t long for this world. Just a year after announcing the product, Google announced that it was putting the tool out of its misery. The company said in a blog post at the time Wave had “not seen the user adoption we would have liked."

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  • Twitter Keeps DMs After You Delete Them

    Twitter is keeping copies of direct messages sent through the social network even years after users delete them, according to security researcher Karan Saini.

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  • Google Hangouts App Ends in October

    Digital Trends reports that last year it was revealed from 9to5Google that the classic Google Hangouts app was set to shut down for consumers at some point in 2020, citing “a source familiar with the product’s internal roadmap.” Now that news is coming true, Google ceased development on Hangouts more than a year ago and is retiring the classic Hangouts app in October 2019. Google often gets ridiculed for its multitude of messaging apps, and the company recently announced that it would be turning its attention to Android Messages.

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    Disk partitioning--separating your hard drive into multiple independent volumes--can relieve all sorts of computer-related headaches

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