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Chris Pratt embarks on intermittent fasting diet


Actor Chris Pratt is giving intermittent fasting a try as he begins shaping up for a new film project.

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    Americans are great at beating themselves up for so-called "bad habits." Whether it's skipping breakfast, drinking coffee, having a glass of wine or two, or not working out for hours on end, there are plenty of shamers out there who are eager to cite scientific chapter and verse about how bad these practices all are. Fortunately, other scientists don't agree. For instance, skipping breakfast is the MO of intermittent fasting, which has helped loads of people lose weight.

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  • How To Know If Your Intermittent Fasting Diet Has Become Unhealthy

    Intermittent fasting is a popular a dieting plan that oscillates between defined periods of eating and not eating. The benefits of intermittent fasting are still being studied. However, Business Insider reports there's evidence that the practice has negative side effects, such as hair loss, anxiety, and stress. Always worried about what to eat next? It could be a sign of orthorexia, an obsession with healthy eating. Having trouble sleeping? Early evidence indicates intermittent fasting can disrupt sleep, which is critical to health. And being deprived of food for an extended period of time can increase levels of cortisol, which leads to fat storage!

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  • Chris Pratt Just Finished His 21-day Bible-Inspired Diet

    Chris Pratt appeared on " The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" Thursday night and spoke with the host about finishing a new diet. The 39-year-old actor recently finished the Bible-inspired Daniel Fast. According to Business Insider, the 21-day diet allows for only fruits, vegetables, grains, and unleavened bread. "For 21 days, I had no meat, no sugar, no alcohol, and it was actually amazing," the actor said. He completed the diet, inspired by the Book of Daniel, through his church.

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  • Chris Pratt Is Engaged And On A Diet

    According to ExtraTV.com, Chris Pratt recently had, "his first interview since news of his engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger." Pratt and Schwarzenegger recently moved in together. During all of this romance, he is also promoting “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” with co-star Elizabeth Banks. Chris also dished on his diet. He stated, “It’s going well, I am actually on day 17 of a fast right now… I’m invisible… I feel good. It’s called the Daniel Fast. It’s something I do with my church, it’s a lot of vegetables and beans and I’ve learned that Daniel was a crop duster. It’s rough, it’s pretty rough.”

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