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The new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Racing Car Exterior Design


The new Golf GTI TCR was derived from the eponymous race car and two-time overall winner of the international TCR race series.After just 5.6 seconds, the road version leaves the 100 km / h limit behind it.The top speed is 250 km / h. Optionally, the maximum speed can be increased to 260 km / h.Compared to the 180 kW / 245 hp and already equipped with features such as Front Assist, Active Info Display and LED headlights Golf GTI performance is the Golf GTI TCR even more exclusive. The standard equipment includes a front axle differential lock, perforated brake discs, the driving profile selection, top sports seats in front with a new design, safety belts with red edges and a specific sports steering wheel. Its leather is similar to the racing series at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions specially shaped (perforated leather) and provided with a red 12 o'clock mark.

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