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Mediterranean Diet Not Working For You? This Might Be Why


It can actually be tough to lose weight on the Mediterranean diet - but not impossible.

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    New findings show that eating a diet largely based in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts may keep people from eating unhealthy amounts of other types of food. UPI reports that according to a new study, primates that consumed a Mediterranean diet ate less of any other available food and lost weight. By comparison, the animals on a Western diet ate far more than they needed and gained weight. Carol Shively is a researcher at Wake Forest University and the study's principal investigator. She said in a news release, "those at the greatest risk for obesity and related costly chronic diseases also have the poorest quality diet."

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    The Mediterranean diet has been proven to help with weight loss. But the benefits aren't limited to weight loss. People who follow the Mediterranean diet may notice increased heart health, greater digestive ability, better long term health, and diabetes prevention. It can also improve your skin and energy throughout the day.

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    U.S. News & World Report has named the Mediterranean diet the best overall diet for 2019. Not only did the diet grab the top spot, it also ranked number one in the following categories: best diet for healthy living, best diabetes diet, best heart-healthy diet, best plant-based diet and easiest diet to follow. Named for the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea whose residents live longer and are healthier than most Americans, the diet is high in fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes, seafood and olive oil, but low in red meat, sugar and saturated fat. Coming in second overall is the DASH diet, which tied for number one last year with the Mediterranean diet.

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  • Diets Ranks From Best To Worst

    Wednesday, a list of the best diets of 2019 was released by the US News & World Report. The number one diet listed is the Mediterranean diet. It helps fight high blood pressure. Other top diets listed include, "The MIND Diet, Weight Watchers, the Mayo Clinic Diet, and Volumetrics." They also listed the TLC Diet, the Nordic Diet, the Ornish Diet, the Fertility Diet, Jenny Craig, and vegetarianism. Vegetarianism ranked tenth on the list.

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