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Why Republican's silence over Trump's racist tweets speaks volumes


IN THE PAPERS - Tuesday, July 16: We look at reactions to Donald Trump's abhorrent comments towards Democratic congresswomen and why it presages a bitter 2020 electoral campaign. Also, Matteo Salvini's close aide invokes his silence while facing questions over Russiagate. Finally, two penguins in New Zealand defy police TWICE after shacking up in the undercarriage of a food truck!

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    In an op ed piece published at CNN online writer Haroon Moghul suggest that U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters have contributed to the recent attacks on Muslims by at times excusing and encouraging extremist language and rhetoric. Writing about the recent attack in London Moghul expresses in the article his long held fears about the eventual back lash against muslims after years of jihadists in the West. Moghul writes: "I have long feared that years of attacks by jihadists in the West, coupled with a media that at best dismisses Islamophobia and, at worst -- and especially, but not exclusively, on the right -- fans the flames of bigotry, intolerance and anti-Muslim extremism, would lead us to this outcome. Something like tit-for-tat violence."

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