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Beekeeping, alternative to unemployment and social crisis in Nicaragua


Somoto, Nicaragua, Dec 8 (EFE / EPA).- Honeybees have become the sweet allies of many peasants in northern Nicaragua, who have gotten involved in beekeeping as a way to make ends meet in their impoverished country beset by economic crisis and where each day the unemployment rate inches up even further.(CAMERA: Renee Lucia Ramos)IMAGES: FOOTAGE, SOUNDBITES OF THE HONEY PRODUCER CRISTINA LAZUNA AND FROM THE PROJECT COORDINATOR OF THE NGO AMIGOS DE LA TIERRA, NÉSTOR LÓPEZ.TRANSLATION1. "We have considered that it is an alternative, not only for men, but also for us women is a great opportunity. In my case it has served me because I am a single mother, it has served to bring economic income to my home, to get by and be a reference for other young people 2. "I could not say for sure, but there must be about 6,000 beekeepers in this area, we count in the area of ??Segovia about 300, but of those 300, we are in charge of 200. What happens is that statistics are difficult to monitor because more and more people get into these types of activities, but we really do see that being a beekeeper is an alternative "

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