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Amazon burning: Smoke travels nearly 3000 km to black out Sao Paulo in middle of the day



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  • Black Awareness Day shows long way for equality

    One day every year in Sao Paulo is used to shine attention to the gap between non-whites and whites in Brazilian society. Honouring African culture hopefully brings people closer to each other.

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  • Amazon rainforest ashes paint Sao Paulo mural

    Tired of seeing the lush Amazon destroyed over many years, Brazilian street artist Mundano decided to let nature speak for itself: he has painted a giant mural in Sao Paolo using ashes he collected from the scorched rainforest.

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  • Mural in Sao Paulo gives life to ashes collected in Amazon rainforest fires

    Sao Paulo, Oct 16 (EFE) .- Brazilian artist Mundano gives life to more than 200 kilos of ash collected in the Amazon which were a result of the recent fires in Brazil with a huge mural in Sao Paulo, where he seeks to denounce the environmental "dismantling" that is taking place in his country.(Camera: WALLACE CARVALHO / SEBASTIAO MOREIRA) SHOT LIST: BRAZILIAN ARTIST MUNDANO'S MURAL IN SAO PAULO, BRAZIL.SOUND BITES: ARTIST MUNDANO (IN PORTUGUESE):1. (I want) to incite people to reflect on what future they want. because climate change is already a reality, we already see its impact all over the world. 2. I had the idea to reflect on 'café labrador', which is an iconic work by Portinari, because she is a pioneer in showing inequality and the impact of agribuisiness. 3. When the forest is reduced to ashed, we too become ashes. 4. Then I thought that (the gray) would be more dramatic, more cisceral and more shocking, and that is the goal of the mural.5. I think we are witnesses of the greatest socioenvironmental settlement in our history under the Bolsonaro government and we cannot keep quiet.

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