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Even Financial Planners Say They Missed These Hidden Costs Of Parenthood


Financial planners do know quite a bit about money, generally speaking. But even they get surprised sometimes by unexpected costs. And according to Business Insider, financial planners say first-time parenthood is a minefield for such unexpected financial demands. To begin with, just giving birth is an expensive practice. For a woman with insurance, the average birth costs $10,808 without any complications. Once baby arrives, your food bill will go up. A lot. Formula is expensive, especially if baby has special dietary needs. Kiddie meals at restaurants aren't that cheap, either. And teen boys are walking refrigerator-inhalers! And public school isn't really free. School supplies, books, uniforms, sports equipment--the list is endless. Keeping kids engaged and learning after school isn't free, either. Lessons, scouting, clubs, summer camps, family vacations all cost a very pretty penny! Finally, medical care and daycare costs for children can drive parents to distraction. You've been warned!

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