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Farmers protest across India against government


Kolkata, Nov 26 (EFE) .- India experienced a double day of demonstrations against the Government this Thursday: a nationwide strike to which 250 million workers were called, and a march of thousands of farmers in New Delhi idemanding agrarian reform.(Camera: PIYAL ADHIKARY)SHOT LIST: FARMERS PROTESTING IN KOLKATA, INDIA.

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    Amritsar, Oct 5 (EFE/EPA).- Hundreds of people belonging to the farmers' community on Monday demonstrated in Amritsar, in northern India's state of Punjab, against central government on the twelfth day of their ongoing 'Rail Roko' or 'Stop the Trains' protest targeting the government's newly introduced agriculture-related bills. Farmers across the state are demanding a rollback in three agri-bills of the central government and against the new Electricity Bill 2020, stating that these are against the interests of the farmers. (Camera: RAMINDER PAL SINGH).SHOT LIST: A GROUP OF MEN BELONGING TO THE FARMERS' COMMUNITY ARRIVE TO JOIN FARMERS' PROTEST AGAINST CENTRAL GOVERNMENT AT DEVI DASS PURA VILLAGE, PUNJAB STATE, INDIA.

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    They say the laws, which were approved by parliament in September, could cause the government to stop buying grain at guaranteed prices and result in exploitation by corporations that would buy crops at cheap prices.

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    New Delhi, Dec 3 (EFE / EPA).- (Camera: Rajat Gupta) Indian farmers take part in a protest, as police stopped farmers from entering Delhi to protest against new farm laws at Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border. Thousands of farmers gathered and tried to cross the sealed New Delhi border points to hold protests against the government's farm laws. Farmers were stopped by the police at the various points outside Delhi border which are connected with neighbouring states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.FOOTAGE OF THE PROTEST.

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    Bombay/Amritsar/Calcuta/Bangalore, Dec 8 (EFE/EPA).- Farmers all over India gathered Tuesday after calling for a one-day nationwise strike to demand the rollback in three Agri-bills of the Central Government and the new 2020 Electricity Bill, stating that the legislation runs against the interest of the farmers. (Camera: HARISH TYAGI / DIVYAKANT SOLANKI / JAIPAL SINGH / PIYAL ADHIKARY / JAGADEESH NV)SHOT LIST: PROTESTS HELD BY FAMERS IN NEW DELHI, BOMBAY, AMRITSAR, KOLKATA AND BANGALORE AGAINST THREE AGRI-BILLS.

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    Farmers' protests against new laws liberalising agricultural markets spread across India on Tuesday, as farm organisations called for a nationwide strike after inconclusive talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government. FRANCE 24's Sreya Banerjee tells us more.

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    Thousands of Indian farmers continue to protest against agricultural reforms by the government that they fear will leave them at the mercy of big corporations. The group aims to march to New Delhi and has clashed with the police.

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    New Delhi, Jan 15 (EFE/EPA).- Thousands of farmers on Friday continued their protest against new farm laws in the Indian capital, New Delhi. Several agricultural organizations have expressed their opposition to a series of controversial reforms that seek to deregulate the prices and quantity sold of certain crops, as well as establish pathways for contract agriculture. (Camera: HARISH TYAGI). SHOT LIST: FARMERS PROTEST IN NEW DELHI, INDIA.

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  • Angry farmers march to India's capital to protest against new farm laws

    Amritsar, Jan 12 (EFE/EPA).- Farmers in Amritsar, in northen India's state of Punjab, on Tuesday began tractor march towards New Delh to protest against new agriculture laws. They will join farmers taking part in sit-in protest against the new agriculture bill and demanding to repeal the laws at New Delhi borders. Scores of tractor trolleys are expected to move towards Delhi between 12-15 January from Punjab and Haryana in preparations for the 'parallel parade.' However, the Supreme Court on 12 January has put a hold on the new controversial agriculture laws and has formed a four-member panel to hold talks with the farmers on the issue. Several agricultural organizations have expressed their opposition to a series of controversial reforms that seek to deregulate the prices and quantity sold of certain crops, as well as establish pathways for contract agriculture. (Camera: RAMINDER PAL SINGH). SHOT LIST: FARMERS IN AMRITSAR BEGIN THEIR MARCH TOWARDS NEW DELHI TO JOIN FARMERS TAKING PART IN SIT-IN PROTEST AGAINST THE NEW AGRICULTURE LAWS AND DEMANDING TO REPEAL THE LAWS AT NEW DELHI BORDERS, IN AMRITSAR, INDIA.

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    India has some of the highest farmer suicide rates in the world, and experts fear the crisis could worsen if three laws affecting them aren't repealed. The new laws that they have passed, we call them death warrants of farmers and laborers. Kewal Singh Farmer, Punjab According to Business Insider, the laws deregulate the buying and selling of agricultural goods. That's led farmers to fear they will be exploited by corporations. The massive country's government is in talks with farmers, who continue to block road and rail routes across the country.

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