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Armie Hammer's Wife: "He's A Monster"


Armie Hammer's estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers is 'shocked and sickened' by the actor's alleged kinks. That's according to a close friend, who exclusively spoke to the DailyMail.com Armie Hammer allegedly sent sexually graphic messages to several women. He discussed rape fantasies, BDSM, breaking bones and talk of cannibalism The alleged messages date back to 2016 and some are as recent as February 2020, when Hammer was still married to Chambers. The two announced their 10-year marriage was over in July A source close to Chambers admitted she was aware of his infidelities, which led to their split Hammer's alleged extreme kinks are a 'complete shock' to Chambers. Chambers told a friend "Armie appears to be a monster." "A lot of these women have reached out to Elizabeth and although she didn't want to admit it to herself at first, she knows now they are speaking the truth." The insider claims that one of the women was left so traumatized that she entered an 'intense rehab and therapy program'

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